BassWestUSA - January/February, 2010, Page 60

Photo by Bass Communications

Elite S e - ries Professional Chris Lane prefers to have a one track mind. When just the right elements come together and bass from beneath are eying a meal from above, his lure of choice is a topwater buzz frog. In Chris’ opinion, no other technique is as effective in provoking reaction bites in sparsely vegetated cover.


Frog SeaSon

Many anglers believe that the best buzz frog bite is synony- mous with the dog days of summer. Chris’ frog fishing philoso- phy, however, is connected with the vegetation cycle of a body of

water. “Any time you get warming water and scattered vegeta- tion this is when you want to throw it. The cover is the type of stuff you can’t quite get a buzzbait through, but stuff that is also too loose to flip effectively. The best water temperatures are usu- ally above 60 degrees, right around the spawn.” Chris theorizes that new, emerging vegetation attracts bait- fish which, in turn, draws bass closer to cover. And, bass entering or exiting the spawning cycle are especially quick to react to baitfish or other surface commotion. On many lakes, bedding fish will also react to a buzz frog. Chris’ first B.A.S.S. Tournament win came in the 2006 Southern Open on Lake Okeechobee where bass were in all stages of the spawn.



January/February 2010

By Paul Strege