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Magic Swimmer

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Fast Sink!


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call it luck, many say its magic, but the truth is the Sebile Magic Fast-sinking models now available, Swimmer family of baits comes down to pure science. Patrick plus sinking and slow sinking is a master lure designer and holder of 27 IGFA world Sebile records and this Fast-sinking guy knows fish but lure design is his passion. With many years of study- versions ing the interaction swim between on the game drop, fish and baitfish comes the new Sebile Magic Swimmer without any angler action on how different prey actions trigger the almost always Fast Sink! His attention to detail predictable predator reactions is responsible for the full line of innovation and versatile Perfect for power fishing jointed swim baits. due to their innovative The Magic Swimmer Fast Sink is available in five sizes to fit most needs for the fresh engineering which allows and saltwater angler. They come for a wide range of equipped with super sharp black nickel finish rust re- sistant hooks which retrieval feature awesome gripping power. Like all other Sebile products, the speeds Magic Swimmer Fast Sink is a work of art in both quality and color finishes. 8 sizes in all, The Magic Swimmer Fast Sink is an extremely versatile bait that can be fished a ranging from variety of ways. Below a to few inches 9” of my favorites: 3 1 / 2 ” are

is the tournament proven king of jointed, hard swimbaits.

The fast SOFT, sinking swimmers are fantastic “fall” or “drop” baits. Most finicky and inac- nEW! Magic Swimmer tive the game fish prefer with exactly same look and attacking on the fall (or pause) more than any other kind of retrieve. swimming action of the the Magic original Swimmer Fast Sink is a lipless bait, it can get down deep while swim- Although but can ming be fished on weedless. its own during the descent.

Pre-marked rigging holes in nose and body for perfect hook placement

Package the includes the fast sinking SEBILE Soft Weight System

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Preferred swimbait on the BASS Elite Tour, This bait excels at casting long distances and will not roll regardless of how fast you key lure in wins by retrieve the bait making it ideal for the burning technique. This is a perfect retrieve for Todd Faircloth, covering lots of water and enticing strikes from the most active bass. Kenyon Hill and Jason Williamson

This technique is better known with a floating or suspending jerk bait however with Magic Swimmer it can now be just as deadly in 25 foot of water. This bait puts out a tremendous amount of flash that deep water resident fish hardly see till now. are in color control of this bait 100% of the time! To achieve a desired depth from shal- Stunning You hand-painted finishes low to deep, allow the lure to descend to the preferred level and use a low to medium Not just a swimbait, retrieve. The lures weight forward center of gravity and low resistance makes it swim but a very effective jerkbait; quickly and effortlessly to mimic fleeing baitfish. also deadly when fished on Texas,

Carolina and Drop-Shot rigs

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The Magic Swimmer Fast Sink excels when fishing in current situations. For Magic Swimmer This bait will always run true even in the swiftest of currents allowing you, fishing tips, and to see the all angler to be in total control. Even in windy conditions this bait will cast models and colors, visit: great, making pinpoint casting achievable. One of my personal favorite ways to fish the Magic Swimmer Fast Sink is to throw the small version (82F-SK 3.5 inches in length – 5/16 oz.) on light six pound test! This little bait casts great but don’t let the size fool you, it can catch giants too! Last year on season two of JEO TV we did a show on Clear Lake, Cali- fornia and caught numerous 4 plus pound fish with one weighing over 9 pounds; all caught on the Magic Swimmer on 5 pound test line. To see this footage or for information on our entire line of great baits, log onto – We look forward to seeing you on the water! BW

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