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Owner Hooks have long been known as one of the premier hook brands in the world. Their Cutting Point hooks set a standard for sharpness and penetration, now, the firm has produced a brand of soft plastic lures that are designed to match perfectly with specific Owner Hook products. The plastics all feature detailed body designs designed around existing models of Owner Hooks. Each of the body styles is constructed of Owner’s unique plastic that fea- ture their proprietary Tasty Scent. Owner Soft Baits come in four body shapes. The Yuki Bug , designed around 2/0 to 4/0 Twist Lock with CPS hooks, is a hybrid crea- ture/craw style bait that can be fished a variety of ways. The Yuki bug’s tail contains an air chamber which allows the tail to rise up over the body of the bait similar to a scorpion’s tail. The Shaky Worm is made from a unique “foam type” material that makes it buoyant, yet still remains supple enough to achieve tremendous action when twitched. When rigged various ways the presentation is a nose down-tail up that leery bass find hard to resist. The Shiver Tail Finesse Bait is the ideal bait for a variety of drop shotting techniques including nose hooking, wacky rigging, and weedless Texas rigging. The slender tail was designed to encourage extra “tail kick” when twitched. The Ribeye Swimbait is a versatile and unique swimbait that can be rigged several different ways using Owner’s Beast weighted or unweighted hooks.

owner SoFt BaitS

Berkley has made a tradition out of production new baits for the Bassmaster Classic for the past several years. Two of those releases, The Chigger Craw in 2007, and the Crazy Legs Chigger Craw in 2009 claimed Bassmaster Classic Championships for Boyd Duckett and Skeet Reese. Berkley has released a new size of Reese’s 2009 winning flip bait in the 3” Crazy Legs Chigger Craw. Built with the same great features as the original Crazy Legs, the new three inch model was crafted with smallmouth and spotted bass in mind, or when fishing pressure dictates a smaller finesse offering. This is a perfect jig trailer, or can be used on a jig head on light tackle. Like its winning cousins, the 3” Crazy Legs Chigger Craw features great colors, and is full of Berk- ley’s proven PowerBait scent, to make fish hold on longer.

Berkley powerBait 3” crazy legS chigger craw

Gator Grip has a reputation for building products that solve problems. They are the people who produced the original Golden Rule measuring boards, and recently produced their Pro Series weigh bag systems that feature a mesh liner that removes from their zip- pered bag to transport fish to scales without touching them. Gator Grip has recently released their new Wrist Gator, a neoprene sleeve designed to do several things. When worn over undergarments, Wrist Gator helps to create a water resistant seal between angler and rain gear. Another feature is the pouch designed to se- curely hold the included hand warmers in place. All an angler needs to do is slip the hand warmer in the pouch and they will have better feel in their hands on cold days.

gator grip wriSt gatorS

The new Talon Series Rattlin’ FlipSkirt™ hits the jackpot with the first ever sliding, clicking, rattling skirt designed to enhance any Texas rigged bait! A unique, patent pending sleeve is designed to fit the con- cave curve of most bullet weights and creates a unique sound when clicked together during fishing. Use of tungsten, brass or steel weights amplifies the clicking sound. Dual magnum rattles on each skirt add another sound dimension that’s unique to the Rattlin’ FlipSkirt™, and can be removed when a more subtle clicking sound is desired. The Rattlin’ FlipSkirt™ is built around a center sleeve made from a hard, super durable material that holds up to repeated and long term use, even when flipping with heavy braid and big tungsten weights. Custom silicone skirts are hand tied and wire wrapped to the sleeve for maximum security and durability.


talon SerieS cuStoM lureS Flip Skirt


January/February 2010