BassWestUSA - January/February, 2010, Page 83

The Ima Big Stik is a high-tech lunker-killer that walks, pops, spits and catches just about anything that swims. It’s a rear weighted bait making it easier to cast and enabling it to sit in a position that as soon as you start your retrieve, it starts to walk and pitch water a foot and a half to three feet in front of the bait. The ima Big Stik features wire through construction, heavier split rings and quality Owner hooks so it will stand up to any trophy fish. It is deadly for bass, musky, pike, stripers and many saltwater species! It is equipped with Owner ST-66 #1/0 Treble Hooks.

iMa Big Stik

aMerican roDSMithS Denny Brauer wreckin’ Stix

Designed by Legendary bass pro Denny Brauer, the new Wreckin’ Stix by Ameri- can Rodsmiths have all of the features demanded by a Legend, but are priced for everyone to get the benefits. They are built from American Rodsmiths’ high quality Power Lite 85-million Modulus Hybrid Graphite blanks for ultimate sensitivity and power. Each of the Wreckin’ Stix comes with their patented V17 Pro Tour Grips, designed by Winn, the people who make golf club grips. With a rod designed for everything from spinnerbaits to big flippin’ The Wreckin Stix will put bass in your boat, even when you’re on a budget. At $169.99, they will make a Legend out of you too.

triton Mike Bull ShaD

Strike king tour graDe crankBaitS

The 7 and 8 inch Bull Shad swimbaits are favorites for trophy hunting with the 8 incher being the overall favorite. When using these size baits you are looking for quality fish and not quantity, these are trophy sized baits designed to catch big Trophy bass especially the bigger 8 inch Big Bull. Both of these baits work extremely well at slow crawl speeds as well as normal retrieves. They have a rate of fall (ROF) of about 5 to 7 feet per 10 seconds and you can wake them with the rod tip up high and a semi normal retrieve. These baits also standup nose down on the bottom in a feeding pose and can be effectively jigged on the bottom. No expenses have been spared when it comes to the components used on the Bull Shad. Each bait is equipped with top of the line components. Such as, strong Black Chrome Owner Hooks, Owner Hyper Wire split rings, top of the line resins, life like 3D eyes and 100% stainless steel 220lb + rated swivels. Each bait has two built in 100% stainless steel swivels that swivel to prevent a wise Trophy Fish from twisting free.

Strike King Tour Grade Crankbaits re- quested and originally built for the Strike King Pro Staff, Strike King is proud to offer the Tour Grade Crankbaits. Offered in their popular Se- ries 3 and Series 5 Sizes, these baits will help increase your catch rate and put a little green in your wallet. Each Strike King Tour Grade Crankbait is hand tuned from the factory. They go through a meticulous 20 step paint process with paint Schemes designed by the Strike King National Pro’s, these are just a few of the secret colors these guys and gals depend on to make a living. Equipped with Gamakatsu Treble hooks. Tie on a Tour Grade Crankbait and get to catching like the Pros!

DoByns roDs chamPIon serIes

Today’s bass anglers are faced with ever changing lures, lines and techniques. Many changes resulted from someone figuring out a better way to catch a tournament winning stringer or trophy bass of a lifetime. The features and designs you will find on Dobyns Rods came straight from the best bass anglers in the world. We have many of the newly re-designed Dobyns Rods in stock and ready to ship. • 800-591-7171