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s DK - I appreciate the to everyone out there to utilize your Kill Switch. ker phoTo elF • lUn sh p o T s • e il F o pr heads up on that. I am not The boats we run are some of the fastest on ishing joe To pro • n BAss F Word o l A n i F d n A T s The Fir myself familiar with the ac- the water. While we are usually considered cident you reference. But I some of the safest and most experienced boat myself may put in a call to drivers, anything can happen! JC cember 2009 November/De Art and see what I can find out. Kill Switches have saved so many lives; I have to ad- Jamie, I just wanted to tell you I love the mit I have been guilty over the magazine, it really is the best in print. The in their place years of not using mine prop- graphics and contents are always amazing. erly when not in a tournament The one thing I do notice is spelling and ty- setting. When I started working pos. I think with just a little more attention to le ty 95 S ge pa ja see Nin for Legend Boats I was required detail this could be fixed and you truly would ing Upcom n eve Ts to take a driving course at the have the best bass publication in the land. AT lAke U s A hAv factory. While I thought I knew Stop fishing so much and dot your I’s. everything about driving a boat RB - Seattle, WA I found out there was a lot to be learned. Just in the last few RB - Thank you for your comments months I know at least 3 acci- on the magazine. We really appreciate the e... ’s id s in r dents in boats where kill switches input from our readers and have taken U.s. Angle choice ge had saved lives including Legend that into consideration for future issues. coverA pro staffer Eddie Rodriquez, dur- Our goal at Bass West USA is to strive for ing pre fish for the 2009 US Open. excellence and have the best bass fishing In this accident, Eddie was a pas- magazine on the market. With that being .com www.BassWestUSA senger in Moses Makuahi’s Ranger said, my name is Sheri Pringle. 521 when the hydraulic steering I’m now on board to proof the articles line popped. The boat had just re- before they go to print. I am looking forward to working with every- turned from a local dealer after having a new engine hung and the one involved and will do my best to catch typing and punctuation lines had been improperly installed. I guess I can’t stress enough errors. SP

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“The Bait That Strikes Back”

Black Blue/Nickel

Chartreuse Char/Nickel

White Red/Nickel

Shad Blue/Nickel

Chart/White Chart/Nickel

Made in U.S.A.

2009 /decemBer novemBer

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January/February 2010