BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 12


Dear BassWest, I just saw my rst issue of your magazine and just want you to know this is the best publication I have ever seen. I’m 14 years old and live in Georgia, where one day I hope to be a professional angler. I have competed in the BASS Jr. events in our state and sh regional teams with my dad. I just started my own web site and am trying to form a club with three of my friends here where we sh out of our jon boats. I was wondering if you would like to sponsor our club. Thanks for your time sir. HF – Atlanta, GA

HF - Well thanks for the kind words. Per our discussion on the phone, BassWestUSA would love to sponsor you and your friends club. I think it’s great and was very attered to be interviewed on your website. Just put up the BassWest link and send me your club members’ information and I will give each of you a comple- mentary subscription, and I’ll send out some cutting edge baits for you to eld test for us! Thanks again and I’ll look for you on Facebook. JC


MH - It was a surprise to me as well! Dan is not only as gift- ed writer but he has a passion for this sport that’s contagious. I for one have enjoyed working with both him and Tony Stoltz over the last few years and consider them dear friends. As for Dan, he had an opportunity to follow one of his dreams and I respect him for pursuing it. We wish him the best in this new endeavor, but with that said don’t be to surprised if you see him pop up here in BassWestUSA from time to time as a feature writer. Thanks for the input! JC

I wanted to let you know that I was confused on the cover with John Crews. I love BassWestUSA because it always no BS. It’s all about the sport and shing. I am confused as to what an angler exing his arm has to do with shing? Seems like the cover should have a sh or someone shing on it. Just my thoughts but it seems every publication is moving more away from what’s important and that’s catching sh! I hope BassWestUSA isn’t doing the same. TG - Salina, CA

TG - Well you would have thought we had learned to make sure there is a sh on the cover. In 2008 I put Peter T on the cover holding a trophy and had similar email. The point to remember is BassWestUSA is not just about shing as a sport, but also about tournament shing and the people involved. I for one love the cover of John, and I know many of his fans and family did as well. I got to catch up with John at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic

I recently heard that Dan O’Sullivan was no longer with Bass West USA as Pro Column Editor. I love the publication and always enjoyed his writing style. I had the opportunity to meet him at the Bassmaster Classic and he seemed like a great guy, so I am sorry to hear he has left. MH – Alexandria, LA

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January/February 2011