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this fall and he is a great guy with a great family. We will never move away from what’s important, covering out beloved sport from A to Z. This is- sue has an amazing cov- er with a monster sh on it, behind that sh is one of the most cutting edge lure designers in the world, Patrick Se- bile. If you really look at John’s cover, you will notice he’s showing off his secret bait, just something to think about! JC

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winning. My son and I won the AOY title last year for that region and he was so proud. I also just wanted to say how ex- cited I am to hear Russ Bassdozer has come on board with you guys. I always en- joy his stories; he has written some of the most in-depth stories on our Huddleston Baits that really conveyed our product to the reader. I know you two are great friends (and tough on the water together) I can only imagine this is a great move for BassWes- tUSA. Happy Holidays and hope to see you in the spring. DM - Las Vegas, NV

DM - It was great seeing you as well! Your absolutely right, Russ is an amazing writer and I couldn’t be more pleased to have him on board. Russ has some great ideas moving forward that I think our read- ers are going to enjoy. Look for a little ‘lighter side’ in some issues so to speak, and more in depth coverage of angler’s personal sto- ries on the water. It looks to be a great future with the Dozer on board, one that I think will make sure all our readers become Bulldozers of bass, just loading the boat! Again thanks Dennis. JC

Jamie, I just wanted to say that it was great seeing you at the tourna- ment and my con- gratulations to you and your boy for

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January/February 2011