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Don Pedro - s. lb .2 5 1 - s e Dave Holm n swimbait o st le d d u H - A C Lake,

Mike Isbell - 15 .2 California Delt 5 lbs. a

Santee Cooper, Br ett Mitchell - 9.25 lbs. - og SC - SPRO King Daddy Fr

Tanya Brinks - 7 lb FL - Spro Aruku s. - Lake Walk-in-Water, Shad Jr.

Leverage Landing Net™

ta lbs. - Santa Margari 0 .3 1 1 - s ile St e ik M olie Minnow o K ile eb S - A C , ke La

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Colin Wehr le 6 lbs. 14 River, IL - B oz. - Mississippi ooyah spin nerbait

The Upper Hand in Landing Nets

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Greg Vinson

Leverage Landing Net™

Paca Chunk

Baby Paca Craw


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January/February 2011