BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 23

Second thing you can learn form my anecdote is that achieving tournament goals may not happen right away, and can even take some years to achieve. Like me, I didn’t make my goal in ve years, but still, I was satis ed with that. So keep working at it as long as you are making progress on it, you should succeed in the end.


I think it can really help if you ask yourself before you start your tournament what it is you want to do? How do you want to sh? Make and then stick to that plan. I think something that really makes people not able to win or not nish where they want is if they do not stick to their idea. They’re thinking before the tourna- ment, okay we’ll do this, and after a 1/2 hour, thinking maybe it is not the right way, maybe I need to change. If you’re not sure and you try many different things in many different ways, most of the time, you will miss your mark. I don’t say just pick one lure and sh the same lure the whole tour- nament. It’s not what I mean, but what I mean is to try to stick to a logical plan for the day. Of course you must also master a certain ability to adapt. So you also need an open mind to help you adapt your plan to any situation If you do not really know what you want to do, if you are unsure, you still should have a plan to focus yourself, and of course, adapt to what it means to accom- plish it. In French, we have a saying that if you put your butt between two chairs, then you will fall to the oor. You will not be seated properly, you know. To sit on ei- ther chair is ne; just don’t be undecided between them. I hope that translates well!


I have talked about the word passion a lot today. Fishing is my passion and it is my life. Doing a tournament (as well as fun shing with friends), there must be pleasure, and that’s the biggest thing I nd in all the people I have met who are win- ners of tournaments. In fact, I don’t really think anyone can win a tournament with- out that. For some, this passion or plea- sure may last a long time, even a lifetime. Such people may win many tournaments for many seasons while they remain in this passionate spirit. For others, well, they may win some tournaments for one or two seasons, or maybe only win one time a year, or once every couple years, but for those moments when they do win, they had this passion for shing running high within them. It’s a pre-

January/February 2011