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requisite to winning. Think about it, and you’ll see this is very true.


One of the keys of the winners is orga- nization. Organization helps you in so many ways. You know sometimes, you can be power shing, covering water going down

the bank, and you just arrive on a spot and immediately because of the knowledge you have of the place itself or maybe it suddenly reminds you of something from your experience, you may instinctively know, I must try the particular lure right now. At this time, that lure may not already be tied on a rod, but you must react. Orga- nization is one of the key things. You know sometimes the window to have a bite or

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not to have a bite, the difference changes in maybe one second. So you must have good re exes to react of course, but you must also be well-organized. If you have good re exes, but your rod is a mess, if you don’t know, the way you leave your rods on the deck, or don’t know what order your tacklebox is in and you have to untangle different lures and things like that, that re- ally makes a difference, believe me. Many tournament wins come down to just one sh. You can emerge the winner because you catch just one more sh - and that one more sh can be because you were well-organized and you were able to nd the right solution without losing any seconds. Another example is, when sh are not biting because for example, the water temperature has dropped overnight and you arrive at your spot to nd that the sh, their mouths are closed, but maybe at a certain unpredictable moment, the sh may eat for only ve or ten minutes, and you will do your winning in these ve or ten minutes. Again, every second counts, and orga- nization is really linked to that. So make logical organization of many things, a logi- cal way you prepare your tackle box, and a logical way you leave your rods. Pay at- tention to every single detail that can help you save time. Putting jigs and trailers to- gether ahead of time, pre-tie leaders you plan to use and so on. Saved time means sh, and sh mean winning. You can win a tournament thanks to organization. I think it really is a key point.


Another point that many fail to pay at- tention to is our hooks. You can have 20 tackleboxes, 100 lures, really great lures, the best, but if you do not pay attention to the hooks... Maybe the last time you had been shing, you had one lure which hit a rock, and maybe you lost a little bit of the sharpness of your hook. If you are not pay- ing attention to that and replace that, then in your next tournament, you may have a strike which is not really very hard, the sh just touches the lure a little bit, and be- cause your hook was a little bit damaged, then you don’t hook the sh. So pay at- tention. Check your hooks. Change them, don’t try to save there. De nitely choose the very best hooks on the market. It costs more money, but really for you pleasure and to help your chances of winning, don’t be shy on hooks. These are little things, small ways that can win big tournaments. BW


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January/February 2011