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name of the bait. “Most people think that the name of the bait is pro- nounced ‘Packa’ Craw because you can pack rattles into the hollow body,” said McNaughton. “Actually, the bait is named after my father and the correct pronunciation is ‘Pocka’ Craw.” When McNaughton’s daughter Madison (who is now 12 years old) was younger, she had a hard time saying “Papa” and in- stead called her grandfather “Paca.” “We all though it was kind of funny,” remembered McNaughton. “When we were trying to come up with a name for the bait, ‘Braxton Craw’ just didn’t sound right and neither did ‘Papa Craw.’ We decided to call it the ‘Paca Craw’ because it was a unique name for a unique bait. It was also a way of saying ‘thank you’ to my dad for designing the bait and allowing me to offer it under the NetBait brand.”


NetBait offers around 900 different SKUs, the majority of which are soft plastics as well as a line of jigs. While McNaughton said that one of NetBait’s goals is to maintain a steady presence at the cut- ting edge of the soft plastics market, he would also like to branch out into manufacturing hard baits in the upcoming years. “I think that it’s important to grow the company outside of soft plastics,” he explained. “A lot of shermen realize that we offer a quality bait without an outrageous price attached. With my dad’s company manufacturing the product for NetBait, I think we can continue to offer that quality and value in a variety of areas.”

Made of the highest quality materials and manufactured in the USA!

Crankbait Cover-Ups are constructed with a heavy-gauge UV-protected vinyl, available in two colors: Smoke & Charcoal. Lure cover-ups are also available in a larger size with heavier-gauge vinyl for saltwater applications.

16130 Barbara Circle, Omaha, NE 68130




January/February 2011