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Braxton McNaughton

Currently, McNaughton is excited about two new NetBait prod- ucts, the Hardytack Craw and the Dirt Dawg, which were introduced this past year at ICAST, the tackle industry trade show. With their wild appendages, both soft plastics provide plenty of shock value. The Hardytack Craw is a craw sh bait that fea- tures two unique tails that fold under the bait and create a realistic craw sh pro le when rigged on a jighead, while The Dirt Dawg features two long tails and was designed as a spinnerbait trailer and also to use on a shakey head. The bait can also be rigged in reverse so the legs collapse against the body and slowly unfold when paused.

NetBait’s product line isn’t the only thing that is expand- ing. With the exposure and success that NetBait has seen through sponsorships with Bassmaster Elite Series pros Greg Vinson and Keith Poche, NetBait’s list of sponsored pros is expanding to include FLW Tour rookies Jay Keith and Micah Frazier for the 2011 season. “I have received a lot of response from fans who’ve met Greg Vinson and Keith Poche at Elite Series tournaments and they’ve real- ly done a great job of representing our product,” explained McNaugh- ton. “NetBait has received a lot of exposure through those anglers, and I’m con dent that we’ll get the same returns from the anglers on the FLW side.” Check out NetBait at To contact NetBait, call 334-382-3080. BW


“I have a business relationship with the guys at NetBait, but it’s almost like working with friends because they’re good guys who are laid back but work really hard. I’ve been using their products since 2003 when I was fi shing at the local level, so developing confi dence in NetBait products has never been a problem.”

“Last year on the Elite Series, I can’t even remember all of the times a NetBait product came through for me. At Clear Lake, the BK Swimbait outperformed all of the custom swimbaits that I bought for the tournament. I think a lot of people overlook that bait and how productive it can be.”

“The Paca Jig was also really successful for me this year. At Guntersville and Kentucky Lake, it was my go-to lure for bigger fi sh. The hook has a unique bend that really increased my landing ratio.” - Greg Vinson, Elite Series pro and NetBait pro-staffer.


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January/February 2011