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having a blast! Mike was out on the bas- ketball court holding kids up so that they can slam dunk the ball. We had set aside about an hour for our visit and before we knew it, Dave was saying it was time to go or we would miss our plane. I found Fred and we headed to the car only to realize that Mike was still on the basketball court with two kids on his lap and another look- ing over his shoulder. They wanted to see every picture on his cell phone and Mike didn’t want to disappoint them. It’s amaz- ing how quickly you can become attached to children. There was a language barrier but it didn’t matter to the kids or to us; we worked it out ne. Everyone was quietly re ective as we left Casa de Niños. Deep in our own thoughts, Fred spoke rst about what we were all feeling. “Wow, if that doesn’t put some things into perspective”. I thought, yes, while we’re complaining about the guy who somehow beat us to our spot in last week’s tourna- ment, Russ Krube, director of Casa de Niños, is trying to gure out how to buy enough food to feed all the children each week. BW

If you didn’t get the opportunity to see the True Bass TV shows when they originally aired, you can watch videos of the two episodes we fi lmed, “Battle Below the Border” parts 1 & 2 online at

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January/February 2011