BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 35

worm laying at on the oor, you can now sh it like a large eel or bait sh feeding upright on the bottom. You can drag it, shake it a lit- tle, or even just pull your line taut and then slack, which allows the bait to roll up and down without it moving forward but maybe an inch. One other unique thing with the skid plate is it acts somewhat like a crankbait bill. This causes the worm to almost swim and roll side to side when falling or swimming through the water. Even on long casts into deep water, the bait has action and quivers a little as it falls, attracting even suspended sh into biting. This rolling and quivering will make even a straight tail ten inch worm come to life.

Another way of shing the new 1-1/2 oz to 2 oz Shake2 heads is to rig with a six to ten inch paddle tail swimbait. The way the Shake2 head is designed, you can rig it two ways. First, using the screw lock or peg bait keeper (depending on Shake2 model) to sh it weedless. Second, you can rig it on the hook shank and sh it with the hook exposed for open water. The 1-1/2 oz comes with a stout 7/0 Mustad hook while the 2 oz comes with an 8/0 hook. Again, the skid plate creates a unique rolling action of the bait on the retrieve that adds to the tail kicking action, creating a realistic, natural swimming motion for your swimbait. When was the last time you saw a jig head that allows a big paddle tail swimbait to be shed in a stand up, horizontal posture? Most guys that sh swimbaits slow and deep along the bottom do not even move the bait fast enough to cause any tail kick. It is almost like dragging a dead, heavy piece of plastic along the bottom. With the Shake2 you have a bait that you can swim, sh through wood, or drag on the bottom like a small sh feeding. When a big bass sees a small

bait sh minding its own business without a care in the world, they crush it. They see it as the easiest opportunity for a big meal that they do not have to chase to capture. And when slathered with MegaStrike attractant, they just cannot help but eat it.

The last technique, one that people may be less familiar with, is to sh with big six inch tubes on the Shake2. One of the main reasons that people have not started to sh more with the bigger tubes is they are a little confused about how to rig them. Do you rig these big tubes with a bullet style weight? Or maybe a large internal jig head? But then the hook is most likely exposed or open, ready to snag on things. With the bigger Shake2 heads, you now have a gi- ant tube which has that slow, tantalizing fall that tubes are designed to have, like a dying bait sh or bluegill. Once on the bottom it will stand up like a small sh feeding (deadly during the spawn). It can be shed through wood, imitating a big bream, perch, or sun sh. There are so many different baits that you can "Power Shake" on the new, heavy Shake2 heads. Try putting a ten inch lizard on one, instead of the usual Texas or Carolina rig. It will bring that liz- ard to life like you and the sh have never seen before. Or perhaps swim a big six inch grub along the bottom, pausing every couple of feet, as though it has found something to feed on, and then swim- ming off again. The versatility and shabilty of the Shake2 jig head is limited only by your imagination and willingness to experiment. Use a medium heavy out t for Power Shaking with 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz Shake2 heads, and a heavy rod, reel and line for the 1-1/2 to 2 ounce models. To see MegaStrike's latest video of the Shake2 head in action, visit BW



January/February 2011