BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 38



Deep Fish



catch sh deep, you must rst equip yourself with lures that can get down to their level. To put a new twist on an old adage, "You have to be in it (reaching their depth level) to win it." The vast majority of bass lures operate shallower than ten feet deep, and there are very few lures indeed that can be cast and retrieved at 15 to 20 feet deep. I designed the long, slender, big-billed, deep diving Koolie Minnow LL series to get way down where the deep sh dwell. You can use the Koolie LL's at depths most other lures will never see. For everyday bass shing situations with average size sh, I recommend the Koo- lie Long Lips in three lengths. First, the 3/8 oz 90 LL has a 3-1/2" body (not counting the lip). Second, the 102 LL has a 4" body and weighs 5/8 oz. Third, the 118 LL is 4-5/8" long, weighing 1 ounce. The Koolie 90 LL dives to 8 feet. The Koolie 102 LL dives to 12 feet. The Koolie 118 dives to 18 feet, depending on line diameter, distance cast and other factors. The Koolie LL 102 is a new model for 2011. It's unique from the others because the 102 features a mass Tungsten weight transfer system inside to help it cast far and pre- cisely. The 90 and 118 are also aerodynamically designed to cast very good but without the helpful mass weight transfer system inside. I know a lot of the top Bassmaster Elite and FLW Tour pros have been using deep- diving crankbaits more than ever the past couple years and now you have a new option, body shape and action in the Koolie Minnow LL 90, 102 and 118 to reach the same depths as deep crankbaits. There are hardly any deep crankbaits that break the magic 20 foot barrier. However, there are larger Koolie LL models that reach down to 22 feet (136 LL), 28 feet (160 LL) and 30 feet (190 LL). These big Koolies are deadly on deep trophy bass. Those kicker sh from 6 to 10+ pounds just love the larger, deeper Koolie Minnow 136 LL, 160 LL and 190 LL. There are few other hard baits these big bass ever get to see at those depths. The Vibrato is another tool I made for reaching and catching very deep sh well be- yond the casting/diving range of any hard plastic lures. Like the Koolie, the Vibrato also has a natural minnow shape of its own, except the Vibrato is metal. It's truly unique be- cause the Vibrato is center-balanced like a playground seesaw, and you attach your line in the center of the bait, wacky style. The available sizes and effective depths are: 1/2 oz to 40 ft; 3/4 oz to 50 ft; 1 oz to 60 ft; 1-1/2 oz to 100 ft; 2 oz and 3 oz to 150 ft and beyond. Pick the one that ts your needs based on its body length and/or weight. Understand you don't have to sh the lure's maximum depth. For example, you may desire to use the big pro le of the 2 or 3 oz model to catch sh 40 feet down. Let it drop freely and the Vibrato will slide from one direction to the other in a totally erratic motion; but thumb the spool lightly to slow its descent speed a little, and with the lure pulling against this light resistance, you will get a very slow yet heavy throb you can feel in your rod tip on the way down. Once it reaches bottom or your target depth, the Vibrato needs very little rod tip movement to give it a vibrating action. Any short or simple rod twitch and slow lifting up and down activates the lure to vibrate and swim. It is so reactive you can even just let it hang there, and that's often enough to get strikes. The Koolie Minnow LL and Vibrato are reliable lures to reach and en- tice deep sh. BW



January/February 2011