BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 48


Bass West USA readers! I hope every- one has had a great holiday season and is looking forward to a great year for shing. I know we are itching to get back on the water but winter/springtime for us means only one thing…doing outdoor sport shows! Now I actually enjoy sport shows for many reasons. Meeting new anglers and seeing old faces is always a good time for us however seeing new, innovative tackle is my favorite. This season had us leaving January 2nd to do our rst show, and from then on, we'll only have 11 days off through April 4th. From coast to coast it looks to be a solid year ahead for the shing industry. Show participation appears to be strong with more anglers buy- ing gear than kicking tires. This is a good thing as the economy continues to grow. My parents on the other hand, they make my 65 days of annual appearances look weak. They are on the road almost constantly, traveling with our demonstration tank business. So meeting up at the outdoor shows is a really neat time for us to catch up on family time together. Most people think of family time as sitting around the backyard enjoying a great cookout but




we are thankful to get it any way we can – even if it means eating a pretzel and cheese at the show concession stand! Another new exciting element this year has been the introduc- tion of our Operation Outdoors USA program through which the Lone Survivor Foundation in Texas will receive a fully rigged bass boat that we'll be taking around to the shows with us. Watching as past and present military personnel sign the rig really excites me. What an honor it is for us to have a rig with many of America’s n- est signatures on it. I know the soldiers who use this boat to heal at the Lone Survivor Foundation ranch certainly will appreciate it. Now on to some shing tips! My wife Rebecca and I were recently lming a show on Lake Powell, Utah, near where we live. We hear from many anglers wanting to learn how to catch sh when the water ris very cold. I have to admit at rst I started to wonder what did I get my- self into? The water was frigid, shing appeared to be slow and I suspected we would freeze to death. Boy was I wrong! The jerk- bait bite was outstanding for both stripers and largemouth. Long pauses were the key to success. I learned a lot on this show per-



January/February 2011