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sonally, such as not to be afraid of six pound line on a baitcaster. In my opinion the healing power of fi shing is I had started with ten pound but amazing; I felt that therapeutic power when I was just couldn’t get any action. We all know that the cold wa- on the water during my personal recovery from ter is denser which causes your cancer. This is where I need your help. Do you know bait's action to be different from that of the warmer months. By of a soldier (active or retired) who has done or is spooling on six pound test I was doing something special for your community? If able to get my bait, a Sebile Koo- lie Minnow 90 Long Lip down so please nominate them on our website - I want deeper, cast further and also to hear their stories. The top six soldiers with the have more action. Utilizing a medium action most votes will win a vacation on Lake Powell for for the rod and a loose drag enabled us to land several key their entire families to stay on luxury houseboats sh up to 5 pounds. Naturally, and fi sh with some of my tour buddies. This event retying was important after every sh or hour of shing. I will be a lot of fun and it’s our own way to try and have to admit that there was pay it forward to those who have given so much to something special about being the only boat at the ramp and us! For the offi cial rules, check out our website at having this huge, scenic lake www.JarrettEdwardsOutdoors.TV all to myself was amazing. In closing, always remember to pack a spare pair of clothes with you in case you fall in; you never know, it could save your life one day. As always, thanks for reading and let’s make 2011 a year to remember! BW

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