BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 54

they say a lot of other boats go by them wondering if they have at out lost their minds. Sometimes bring- ing each other to tears from laughing so much. In their words, “Laughter and fun can go a long ways to having a good day. Even when the shing is tough, you still walk away with a smile on your face.” But to be successful on a regular basis it takes much more than just having a good time shing with your buddy. Tournaments cost money, a lot of money, and quite frankly, they are in it to win it and make money themselves. They describe a successful team like some would describe a suc- cessful marriage. Jamond says, “It all started for both of them coming from a great upbringing. You need to have mutual respect for each other, equality, be willing to listen to each other, and most importantly, leave your egos at the door. You are not out there trying to outsmart your team partner; you are trying to outsmart other teams, and more importantly, the sh.” For Mark and Jamond, there really is no front and back to the boat. They sh the moment, no mat- ter who is standing on the pointy end at the trolling motor. They trust each other’s opinions and never question or become judgmental about each other. If they make a decision to move or change tactics, right or wrong, they made that decision together, and together they will take the credit or blame and learn from it. They stay away from dock talk as much as they can. Both are very willing and open to help other teams when possible. As Mark said though, “Ask them questions about baits, col-

o rs, techniques; just don’t ask him, where and how, because then you are forc- ing him to lie to you.” Do your homework well ahead of time. Pre- sh off the water as much as you can. In some ways it is better to approach a spot in a tournament knowing that you didn’t come in there on Friday and stick that big sh you needed come game day. And most importantly, always sh with con dence in your deci- sions. Con dence is a huge piece to the puzzle of success.



Bobby’s Perfect Frog is now available in the new tour- nament winning Fred’s Frog color. This new addition to our lineup comes painted in an unrivaled “BLUEGILL” color and still gives you that bass-catch- ing action that you’ve come to love. Each frog is out- fitted with a Gamkatsu EWG double hook to ensure a premium hook-set. This frog provokes violent strikes and will attract that “kicker” fish needed for success!



Both Mark and Jamond have the desire and passion to take their shing to the next level. They hope to someday soon sh a pro tour. When asked when do you step away from your comfort zone of the Delta and sh other venues, Mark’s answer was, “The time is now!” He has entered the FLW Series as a pro for the rst event at Lake Shasta. He has already enjoyed success shing in Federation State Championships and Regional events held on lakes throughout the West. They both cherish their gift of shing and try to help other adults and children, especially kids in the big cities. Mark and Jamond try to help them understand that there is more to life than just hanging on the corner or shooting hoops all day. They have started a website called www.rippnlipps. com where they have a forum for beginners to ask questions. The website features videos of not just bass, but pan sh, stripers, and saltwater trips to show people how to catch sh from the bay to little creeks and ponds. If they can just affect one life of an inner city kid, with the pas- sion of the great outdoors, than they are what one would consider, a great success. Next time you see them on the water or off, stop and say hello, you will see not just two great sherman, but two great people and ambassadors of the sport we all love and cher- ish dearly. BW



January/February 2011