BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 61

“Ruining” a Perfectly Good Jerkbait

One cringe-inducing modifi cation that’s easy to make is done by West Coast tournament young gun Chris Zaldain of northern California. In clear water conditions when Zaldain wants to create a distressed translucent bait, he uses the edge of a knife or scissors to scrape a good deal of paint off an opaque-colored Lucky Craft Pointer or Megabass Vision Ito 110. Chris realized that whenever he reached into his jerkbait box, he was always looking for the “best” one he had, which was invariably the ugliest and most chewed-up one. “That’s why I use the blade of a knife to duplicate that distressed look now.” Such a lure may look ruined, but fi sh think otherwise. Perhaps Zell Rowland sums it up best. “A lot of times, we fi shermen like prettier things than the fi sh,” he laughs.


Michael Murphy will use a feather treble on the ima Flit (bottom) to make it a little slower-moving and shallower. The Lucky Craft Bevy Shad (top) with a feather tail results in a livelier, squiggly tail action.

the sun starts to peek over fog-capped mountains, the water lies at in an eerie mist, and the brisk morning air sends a chill down your back. You’ve found the perfect location on the lake to make your rst cast, and now it’s time to pull out your trusted early season artillery - the jerkbait.

January/February 2011