BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 64

Michael Murphy jury-rigs a Reins tungsten sinker. “The longer, skinnier shape creates more commotion. I like to start out with a lighter weight rst and will increase the sinker size with the speed and depth I desire to retrieve it at. This will de nitely make a jerkbait sink, so always take that into consideration when using it.”

Right out of the package is how Michael Murphy prefers the Flit most of the time, but he’ll bend the lip back on a few as shown. “This creates more of a Scrounger effect. I do this to have the Flit’s bait sh pro le, but more erratic and subsurface. It is great for summertime schooling sh and on shallow ats. When bending it, the straighter the bill the faster you can sh it. However, once you reach a certain speed, it will not catch enough water. It goes no deeper than about a foot and a half. By reeling slowly, it stays even shallower and sh will go ballistic trying to pin it against the surface.”



January/February 2011