BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 75


Traditional braid tends to oat and when used with a sinking or diving lure, the oating nature of braid tends to make the line to the lure billow in an arc under- water. It’s not a direct line to the bait. SpiderWire UltraCast Fluoro-Braid is made of a blend of Gore uoropolymer and Dyneema ber so this new line sinks like a uorocarbon but maintains the strength and smooth castablity of SpiderWire braided line. It provides a more direct line from rod tip to lure. The result is less slack or billow in your line for ultimate sensitivity and faster hook sets.


The Road Runner is a legendary crappie, perch and pan sh lure. What few bass anglers ever discover is that there are unnerving moments when the Marabou Road Runner can produce more and better bass than any other lure you own, especially when the water’s chilly at the beginning and end of season. The new Marabou PRO 2.0 Road Runner is a collaborative design by pro-staff and the vendor. This team effort to improve upon the classic Marabou Road Runner and “bass it up” included going to a larger hook for largemouth, smallmouth and spots, adding prism eyes, doubling the amount of marabou, adding a tuft of Crystalline Flash material and adding a brass willow blade for deeper or swifter water. Jimmy Houston’s rst test trip landed him several bass up to ve pounds and enough crappie for dinner. “It was cold and windy but I managed to bust about 20 sh this afternoon. This is my new favorite Road Runner model and color” stated Houston in reference to the chartreuse white “MP2 180” color. Available in 14 shad-inspired colors, including the spotted bass crushing “Frosty White” color. The 1/16th and 1/8th oz retail for under $3.00 and the 1/4 oz for under $3.50.


One of the only hard baits that is possible to cast into the middle of brush, rocks, trees, tough weeds or debris, and come through snags cleanly. If you have a need for casting through or vertical shing deep snaggy areas, then try the Flatt Shad Snagless. Incredibly, you may even use it like a ipping jig, and the hooksets are solid. Very few sh are lost even though the lure sports a double hook on the belly and a hookless feather tail instead of the standard two trebles. Available in 1/2 oz Sinking and 3/4 oz Extra Heavy versions.

The FX-9 is a jerkbait with a moving lip which streamlines casting, in- creases action when retrieved and enhances irregular darting actions. The action of FX9 is largely dependant upon this moving lip. When casting, the lip settles horizontal to the body to minimize air resistance and maximize ight distance. But the advantages of the moving lip do not end there. When performing in the water, the lip moves depending on the water re- sistance against it. That is, during jerking actions, the lip quickly ips back and forth, and creates darting action which anglers have never seen in a lure before. With some twitches, FX9 swings its head to the left and right. With a fast retrieve, it creates a 180 degree roll to each side without losing its balance. When FX9 rolls, it swims leaving a trail like the letter “S”. When the retrieve is stopped, FX9 rises with its head up. The internal weighting system is xed and therefore silent. Note that the FX9 Strobe version has the addition of an internal re ective ashing plate. Length: 3.5” Weight: 3/8 oz Type: Floating MSRP: $29.00

January/February 2011