BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 79

Justin Kerr (L) nished in the runner up position to the Lake Havasu Champion Roy Hawk pictured on the right.

grade is what cost me the victory”. Kerr nished the event with 35.33 pounds. Third place honors were bestowed upon Pro Angler Walt Kond- racki Jr. Walt had spent 5 days prior to the tournament pre- shing. “I hit everything from the Bill Williams arm all the way up to about 2 miles into the mouth of the river”, Kondracki stated. “I never caught a limit of sh the entire ve days of shing”.

Walt Kondracki “Cranked” his way into 3rd place shing a variety of reaction baits on Lake Havasu.

Walt had his game plan laid out the night before he went to bed, but upon waking up in the morning, he decided to scrap it and take a new tact. “I was going to head down to the Bill Williams Arm where I knew I could get a limit. The problem was that I knew it would not be a big enough limit to get the job done. As such, my Am partner David Martin and I started in the basin north of the island throwing reaction baits. We went for about 45 minutes with no sh when I happened to look down at my graph and dis- covered that the water temperature had dropped about 5 degrees. I switched over to a ½ ounce Phenix Chatterbait in a Green Shad pattern and started slow rolling it over the grassbeds. This was the trick as we boated about 17 pounds of sh in 20 minutes. We ended up pulling off the area to save it for the next day”. Walt and his partner moved and managed to cull up a couple of times to nish out the day with a 19.14 limit and fourth place after the rst day of competition. Saturday found Kondracki and his day two partner Roger Cum- mings shing around the Casino. Walt hooked a 3.70 on his fourth cast and it shut down on the duo for the next few hours. “It was a really stressful time as we only got 5 bites all day, but were fortu- nate enough to convert those into 5 sh in the livewell”, Kondracki noted. The duo reported catching their day two 13.53 pound limit tossing LV 500 rattling baits in shad pattern. Kondracki nished the two day event with a total weigh of 32.67 pounds. Derrick Stewart topped the eld on the Am side with a two day total of 34.21 pounds. Stewart had two solid draws in Justin Kerr and Jay Wright. “I felt really good at this event”, commented Stewart. “Unlike some other draw events I shed, I really felt at ease with my partners and we really ended up clicking. I also felt good because I contributed sh to each day’s limits – especially with my day two big sh of 4.7 pounds”. The USAC Pro-Am trail will make its next stop on January 29- 30th, 2011 at Lake Oroville. This popular spotted bass lake fre- quently sees anglers with 20-30 sh per day falling on a variety of baits during the winter months. To sign up, contact the USAC of ce at (800) 306-7112.

January/February 2011