BassWestUSA - January/February, 2011, Page 8

A Highlander’s Dream

Photo by David Swendseid

Detroit Lake, Oregon is a sleepy largemouth shery with little shing pressure. Nestled high in the Cascades mountain range, Detroit yields average healthy bass. The topography and cover is akin to many lakes in this region; notably bass factories like Wickiup and Crane Prairie.

Late fall and winter drawdowns concentrate forage. Find the concentrations and you nd the bass. Drawdowns also reveal the underwater world that will be reclaimed by the sh come spring rains and snowmelt run-off. Root bases that were once forests can mean bass. But what is one to do, if cover has no bounds?

Close your eyes and imagine the contours ever-changing, slopes melting into points, transitioning rock and clay helping form areas into high spots intersecting with deeper water. Can you see it all sitting right in front of you? Serene, peaceful, yet overwhelming. Now ask yourself, lost in possibilities, where would you begin?

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January/February 2011