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sented with silver trays and rst place Option Pot cash which to- taled $,1067. Doug and Lew mentioned that they emptied their tackle box on a windy, muddy Day One and by presenting a variety of baits were able to weigh in a limit that weighed 12.53 pounds. They couldn’t sh the way they wanted to as the tide was in both unpredictable and unstable stages They were very surprised to nd themselves leading with that kind of weight on the Potomac River in early Fall. On a much calmer and warmer Day Two, Doug and Lew were able to run the tide and sh in a manner they are more accustomed to. Never boating a sh over 4 pounds, the Jenkins brothers relied on quality 2 ½ to 3 pound bass to achieve solid limits both days. They credit their Mom, who is also their greatest supporter with in uencing their win. She made them ham sandwiches on Friday to carry in the boat. After learning they were leading on Day One she again made them ham sandwiches but with ‘double meat’ this time for added luck and weight. With this success Mom may consider opening a Deli! Congratulations to these great champions! Tim Chadwick, Tournament Director for Chesapeake Pro Teams, TGIF Potomac, and Potomac Pro Teams was selected as the Region 4 Director of the year by Angler’s Choice and received a beautiful acrylic award. Congratulations to all of the teams on their incredible sh care during the tournament. There were a total of 691 bass caught and ALL were released alive back into the Potomac River. I’m glad to say that George Short and Gary Bailey are both OK following a boating accident yesterday. Although scared and sore, their thoughts were with Willie and Walt and last December’s in- cident. They wanted to convey their thanks for everyone’s prayers and concerns. Walt Ross and Willie Barrett returned to competition together for the rst time since their horri c boat accident last December. They’ve both come a long way since then and are thankful to you all for your concern. One word of caution…be on the lookout for them next season as they hope to be back in serious contention by then. I can’t thank our volunteer staff enough for their assistance dur- ing this event. They include, but are not limited to, Julie Barrett, Tyler Barrett, Amanda, Nate, Hannah, and Clyde Brown, Sr. Thanks also go out to the two teams that towed boats in following breakdowns. A special thanks to Aggie Makarewicz for handling all of the weigh-in paperwork and having the uncanny knack for multitask- ing under pressure. Thanks also to Ken Wood, Jr and Chuck Mills who stayed in the park until well after dark helping breakdown the weigh-in area. Keep checking the Angler’s Choice website for updates on new 2011 schedules, divisions, and pertinent news. Your support of Angler’s Choice is greatly appreciated.

Jason Shipton and Bill Wood - Big Bass

them 7 free entries into seven 2011 tournaments plus a prize package from USAC valued at $1,500. Included were 2 top-of-the- line Dobyns Rods. Greg Wilder and Fred Downey from the Potomac Winter Division nished in 6th place with an overall total weight of 23.14 pounds. Ac- customed to shing in adverse conditions in the winter circuit, Greg and Fred put two solid 11 ½ pound limits together to pocket $850. Next were Vince Troiano and Pete Gluzsek from the TGIF Friday Chesapeake Pro Teams Division who boasted a strong showing both days with a two day weight of 23.55 pounds. Including there Day One lunker, Vince and Pete were awarded $1,450. Danny Rodriguez and Ron Farren, who compete in the Po- tomac Winter Pro Teams Division nished in 4th place at the TOC with a great 2-day total of 24.16. Although they elected to not enter any of the side pots and just sh for the grand prize Legend Boat package, they proved that they can catch them on the Po- tomac despite adverse conditions. Brian Stack and Robert Wedding, who hail from the Potomac Pro Teams Division, were one of the few teams to arrive at the scales both days with at least one sh over 3 pounds. Proving that consistency was the name of the game at this tournament, a total weight of 25.26 pounds earned them a total of $2,158 in prize money including second place option pot money. The Potomac Pro Teams’ James Brown and Chappy Vowell, backed by the largest stringer of the tournament which weighed 16.06 pounds (including a 5.01 largemouth), took the early over- all lead and anxiously waited until the nal team walked to the scales. Although they fell just an ounce or two short, James and Chappy had a memorable tournament nishing in 2nd place with 10 bass that weighed 26.51 pounds. Their winnings of $2,050 and 2 reels courtesy of Susquehanna Fishing Tackle will hopefully help offer some comfort. Congratulations to these two ne gentlemen on an outstanding tournament. Doug Jenkins and Lew Jenkins, brothers who compete in the TGIF Friday Potomac Pro Teams Division went wire-to-wire taking a slight lead on Day One and maintaining it by the slimmest of margins on Saturday. Their overall weight of 26.67 narrowly gave them the victory over James and Chappy and they were declared champions of the 2010 Region 4 Tournament of Champions. In addition to a new boat package including a new Legend/Mercury ProXS/ Motorguide/Lowrance, etc, Doug and Lew were also pre-

A beautiful late November day greeted the 25 teams that were on hand to compete in the 4th installment of the Chesa- peake Fall Pro Teams trail held out of Anchor Marine. Light winds, intermittent clouds, and air temperatures in the mid-50’s raised hope for a big bass bite. Fortunately for the anglers, their wishes were answered as a total of 105 sh were caught weighing in at 292.71 pounds for a 2.78 pound per sh average. At the close of the scales that November afternoon, the team of Matt Elliott and Steve Snider continued their hot streak on the




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