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FISH BIGBASS WEIGHT WINNINGS 5 0 12.05 $2,480 5 0 10.82 $1,080 5 0 9.41 $760 5 0 8.81 $560 5 0 8.03 $320

Lucky Bycatch – Matt Magnone and Dan Merchant took this 12+ striper on 4lb test and earned a $100 gift certi cate for his efforts.

and Tackle, Roboworm, Anglers Marine, Monster Energy Drink, Sav- On Tackle, Peregrine Boat Cleaner, Dobyns Rods, and Simple Green.

The USAC So Cal trail kicked off the season this past Decem- ber 5th, 2010 at Pyramid Lake with 27 teams participating. Like all winter tournaments at this lake, it was cold. Fortunately for the eld, the conditions were nice with no wind or rain present and as such, it turned out to be a pretty nice day sans cooperat- ing sh. Pre- sh reports that came in prior to the tournament were brutal. At least 8 or 9 different teams called in to say that they only caught one or two each day they pre- shed and I'm sure that this hurt our turnout a little. Thank you to the teams who did show up even though it was cold and tough! Taking rst place was the team of Bill Siemantel and Troy Lindner. '”We caught all of their sh in 2-15 feet of water on 4" Roboworms and basically got lucky,” said Bill. I don't know about the luck part as they are always a force to be reckoned with, but they walked away with $2,480. Great win guys! Second place went to the always tough team of Marc Jeudevine and Keith Rini. Marc and Keith also caught their sh on Roboworms and won $1,080 for their efforts. Look for them to be vying for the Angler of the Year title when it's all said and done. Taking third place was Ron Thompson and Bob Fruge with 9.41 lbs. These guys are always in the money up here and are one of the teams to beat. They won $760 and I hope they decide to follow the whole circuit because they're another team that will push for the AOY title. Fourth place went to Martin Wall and Gil Valadez with their weight of 8.81. They won $560 and I'm thrilled that they guys teamed up together. Watch out for them as they are going to be TOUGH! Fifth and last in the money went to Steve Davies shing solo for 8.03 lbs. Steve won $320 and also donated a bunch of his awe- some weights for the giveaway. Thank you Steve! Taking Big Fish money were the teams of Matt Newman/Bri- an Evans with their 3.04 lb sh and Billy/Bobby Nelson with their 3.02 lb sh and $200.


First out of the money and winning the "First out Triple Trout" award was Brandon Ober and Aldo Acevedo. Winner of the Rago 'Rat for a Rat' Limit was the team of Dave Peltier and Steve Whalen for their .98 lb bag. The Marquez team won the "BBZ Stimulus Package" valued at over $150. Special thanks go out to all of the sponsors who donat- ed so much for the awards ceremony. I've been shing tour- naments for almost 20 years and I would say that we had the best giveaway I've ever seen at a regional team event. Thanks go out to the following: Roboworm, I-Rods, Rago Baits, Anglers Marine, Mercury, Lamiglas, BBZ & Bill Siemantel, Dobyns Rods, Don's Smokin Salmon, Peregrine 250, Trolling Motor Doctor, 22nd Century Swimbaits, Maxima, Gamakatsu, Last Chance bait and Tackle, Team Davies Products, Phillips Products Pink Stuff, Corner Bakery, and everyone else who helped. We owe our sponsors our support and thanks! Please make sure we sup- port everyone above and take a minute out of your day to call/ email and thank them for getting involved and believing in us.

Looking to work off some of the calories consumed over the Thanksgiving holiday, a eld of 36 boats converged on Windsor State Beach at Lake Havasu for the third event of the USAC South- ern Colorado River Trail. The extra pounds the anglers packed on served them well as the temperatures at take off time were hover- ing around 30 degrees. It was anyone’s guess as to what the day would bring. What did end up happening was nothing short of amazing for winter time shing on Lake Havasu as not one, not two, but three teams brought limits in excess of 20 pounds to the scales! The always consistent team of Billy Skinner and Shaun Bailey brought in the days rst sack over 20lbs. The duo landed a mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth that tipped the scales at 20.76lbs. This weight was good enough to secure rst place honors and a $1,958 pay day. The second 20lb bag of the day was brought in by Justin Kerr and John Perkins. The two weighed in a total of 20.56lbs anchored by a 5.04lb big sh earning them second place and $1,167. As if two bags over 20lbs wasn't enough on Lake Havasu in November Roy Hawk and Mark White would not disappoint. Roy and Mark coming off of three previous team tournament victories and Roy winning the Anglers Choice Pro-am just two weeks earlier came in with the third place bag of 20.21lbs. Roy and Mark also had the day’s second big sh, a 6.7lb hybrid. For their third place nish the two collected $1285. FLW touring Pro Dean Rojas managed to break away from family and ply the waters of Lake Havasu as a solo angler. Dean brought to the scales a limit consisting of all smallmouth bass that weighed in at 15.38 pounds. This weight was good enough to nail down fourth place and allowed Dean to add $504 to his Christmas fund.

January/February 2011