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Dear Bass West, I was just recently turned on to your maga- zine. I am blown away with your publication. I had heard of it be- fore but never thought it would help my shing here in Oklahoma. Man was I wrong! This is honestly the best bass publication I have seen, and I have seen them all. I am looking forward to more great issues as your newest biggest fan, I can’t wait! Again awesome publication! TP – Tulsa, OK

TP - Thanks for the kind words. We are pretty proud of the publication, and extremely excited about Bass West USA Television. BWT will start airing nationally in 2011 on the all new TUFF TV Network. We will keep everyone posted on which additional networks will also be carrying the new show. Again thank you so much for the kind words, and please spread the word. JC

I just wanted to say I loved the article on shing toad style baits with Chris Lane. I am a big fan of shing toads, and found the article very informative. I also had the plea- sure of meeting both the Lane brothers this past year, and thought they were both true gentlemen. Great magazine thanks. CW – Dallas, TX


CW - Chris is one of my favorite Elite pros. Both he and Bobby are exactly what you said, class acts! The writer Paul Strege did a fantastic job on that article, and the photos that BASS Communi- cations provided really brought it to life! Thanks for the kind words, good shing! JC

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Chris Lan e dis cus s es how he a pplies his favorite to pwate r techniq ue during the s paw n.

Photo by Bas s Communicat ions

Elite Professional S e - Chris Lane pre just the righ fers to have ries t elements come togeth a one track mind. When are eying a er and bass meal from abo from beneat buzz frog. In ve, his lure h Chr of provoking rea is’ opinion, no other tec choice is a topwater hnique is as ction bites in effective in sparsely veg etated cover. Fr

Many anglers believe that mous with the the best buz dog days of z frog bite phy, howeve r, is connected summer. Chris’ frog fish is synony- ing philoso- with the veg etation cycle of a body of

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January/Febr uary 2010

water. “Any tim tion this is wh e you get warming water en you want and scattered stuff you can to throw it. vegeta- The cover is ’t quite get a the type of buz too loose to flip effectively. zbait through, but stuff that is also The best wa ally above 60 ter temperatu degrees, righ res t aro are Chris theoriz und the spa usu- wn es that new, fish which, in emerging veg .” tur etation attrac or exiting the n, draws bass closer to cover. And, bas ts bait- spawning cyc baitfish or oth s entering le are especi er surface com ally quick to react to motion. On many lak Chris’ first B.A es, bedding fish will als .S.S. Tourna ment win cam o react to a buzz frog. Open on Lak e Okeechobe e in the 2006 e where bas spawn. Southern s were in all stages of the

“Down here in Florida of the countr and in other par ts y, bass will their beds to fly off cha My first B.A.S.S se down a frog. Okeechobee . win came on Lake when the bas bedding. Thr s were oug ment the sun hout that tourna- was shining, ter warmed the wa- up and the bass were hiding up und er the vegeta small, silver tion. The dollar-sized were one of lily pads the keys the were located re. throughout the Beds the bass had repositioned flat but closest pad . I was using under the a Lures Cane Toad and wh Gambler en I would bring it over the it. The bite wa top, they would crush s just incred ible.” Chris believ es that not weather con one diti throwing the on is more suitable for buzz frog ove Sunny or ove rcast skies doe r another. as much of s not make a difference in how a bas reacts than s the density of overhead cover, time of perature. Chr year and/or water tem - is’ Third Pla ce finish in the 2009 Elite Ser Dardanelle sup ies tournament on Lak e por ts his the ory. “Dardanelle was setting-up has so many fish and it jus t righ t for the spawn Shallow, san dy . ing in on the flats were what I was key re. One spot - in par a little ditch running throug ticular had fered an are h it which of of- a for the fish to the water wa rmed later in come into as spot to pull the day and out a Many people to when it cooled at nig ht. think that if the water coo during the spawn, bass ls will leave, but I

January/Febr uary 2010

Photo by BAS

S Communicat ions / Seigo






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