BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 13

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Hey guys, I’m really loving the magazine. The one thing I real- ly wish we would see is more coverage in the southeast. We have a number of incredible bass sheries and it would be great to see them covered. In fact some of the best anglers in the country are from the southeast. It’s just a suggestion, thanks! AP - Johns Island, SC

mind-blowing to me that he can sh in the same area as other an- glers, and just put a whooping on them like that. Is he that good? BW - Salt Lake City, UT

BW – Well, rst off let me say I love the question. It’s one that I’ve been hearing asked a lot recently. I think we just have to take what Aaron Martens said as gospel. “KVD is the best angler on earth right now.” Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of anglers around the country having great starts to the season on regional and national tours, but let’s face it, KVD is a machine. If he is on a streak it is one that has lasted most of his career! JC

Hey, can you guys please do more swimbait arti- cles? I live here in the southeast and many anglers are really starting to get into the larger ones. I subscribed because I was told BWU had the latest and great article on them. But in the six issues I received there hasn’t re- ally been a ton of them. JB – Bainbridge, GA

JB - I see your point. We try to cover all different techniques, geographic locations and products. Obviously swimbaits are a huge part of that right now. We will con- tinue to cover the latest and greatest techniques no matter where they emerge. I am sure the Bass Dozer will have plenty in the upcoming issues to keep your mouth watering. But don’t overlook many of the other techniques featured; if it’s in these pages, you know it works! JC

AP - All I can say is “I know, I know.” There are a number of strong anglers in the southeast, and some incredible sheries. We just lmed on Lake Wylie, with Leg- end pro Jason Quinn for an upcom- From Joe To Pro: lU ke cl AUS Destination: Se en n Manufacturer Sp el SA lto, mex ing episode of Bass West USA. Ja- otlight: ico netb A Ai it t son will be featured later this year right here in the black and white, and we will be featuring some ad- inside... U.S. Angler’S ditional anglers and destinations choice S pe Sp ec ciA iAl l SUpplement in your area as well. Again thanks for your input and the kind words. Patrick Sebile’s t oUrnAme JC nt Winning tip S

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jan uary/febru ary 2011

Dear Bass West, I’ve spent most my life living in east- ern Texas. Recently however, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a recent subscriber and am really enjoying the publication. I have one question for you: “How is KVD that good?” It’s

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March/April 2011