BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 19


They say to stand still is to fall behind. That’s why this story highlights how Derek Remitz has evolved and progressed in his fi shing career to keep himself going as one of the world’s top bass pros. Please enjoy Derek’s insights into staying on top.

-nine year old Derek Remitz says his main goal is simply to make a living at shing every year. “I’d love to be doing this twenty years down the road, God willing,” hopes Derek. He believes that there are good things to come for the future of pro bass shing. “I’m not looking for things to happen next year, but in the next few years as the economy starts to swing, things are going to turn around and start to pick up again.” He wants to be in pro bass sh- ing when it changes. “I believe the new ownership with Jerry McKinnis at BASS bodes well for the future, and I stay actively involved in the Professional Anglers Association so that when the PAA grows, I will be a part of it too. I want to do this until I retire,” says Derek of his plans for the future. “But my main day-to-day goal is to be able to make a decent living shing, and in order to do that, it means that I must win a few so I can have the nancial freedom to live comfortably.” Yet how Remitz manages to maintain his place and to take home an occasional big money paycheck is by not making winning his goal. “I just take it one day at a time, one sh at a time and that has been my philosophy from day one - just to catch whatever I can catch. If it bites, set the hook and it may be a 12 incher or it may be a 12 pounder. You just have to catch every sh you can along the way is my attitude. I have had pretty bad seasons and pretty good seasons. I am still learning a lot.” It seems that every year’s tour schedule just suits some one or another pro’s style best, simply by coincidence, and Derek Remitz was just fortunate that his rookie year suited his style quite well. “It so happened that my rookie season on the Elites in 2007 was simply by circumstance, set up for several tournaments that suited my style of shing back then, which was that you could just drag a jig or sh soft baits slowly. The bodies of water we hit at the times we hit them that season (2007), you did not have to do a lot of cranking or anything like that. So it worked out great for me,” admits Derek who

March/April 2011