BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 23


“I moved to Hemphill, Texas in 2005 and fi shed the Bassmaster Opens and all the regional events around there. Moving to Texas to be on the water there was the one thing that helped me out the most back then. With that in mind, once I had qualifi ed for the Elites, I recognized I would have to be more in the center of things, and the biggest reason I bought a house in Alabama was because of the money I had won in the Amistad tournament in early 2007. I wanted a house to call my own. I moved out to Huntsville, Alabama at fi rst with a couple of friends. We were living there before the Classic in 2007. I lived there about six months before I got sick of being in the city. I wanted to get back out in the country and I found a little house of my own out in Grant, Alabama by Lake Guntersville. I’ve been fortunate to call that place home for almost four years now. My family and roots may always be in Minnesota but Alabama is nice too. Here feels like home to me now.”

March/April 2011