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Optimum Baits CEO Matt Paino with RockNVibe bass



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A lot of people are throwing bigger baits these days, and the small compact size of the Rock N Vibe is relatively new and unique. In the 1/2 oz size range, it is hard to nd anything as small. The Rock N Vibe is compact but hefty, mean- ing it has a small pro le but it still has the heft of a full 1/2 oz lipless crank. You can sh the Rock N Vibe anywhere or any way you can sh a regular full size lip- less crank. On the other hand, if you drop down to a 1/4 oz lipless crank, which the Rock N Vibe has the pro le of; you're not going to get the same presentation. It's not possible to get the same action out of 1/4 oz lures. With the compact yet hefty Rock N Vibe, you're able to rip it, you're able to do everything you can with a larger pro le lipless crank, and you can use heavier line. It is this compact size that makes the Rock N Vibe unique among all other 1/2 oz lipless crankbaits. It still has the weight, the action, the presentation and works with all the tactics used with a 1/2 oz lipless - in a smaller pro le. I've talked about using the ima Rock N Vibe today with different lines for different areas and situations. If I am on a lipless bite, however, I will have a Rock N Vibe tied on a rod with heavier (thicker) line to let it swim slow and high in the shallows, but I may also have a second Rock N Vibe rigged on lighter (thinner) line to go deeper where the drop- off is adjacent to the shallows. I may also have a third one tied on with braided line for any thick grass nearby. So these aren't separate approaches as much as they are part of a systematic approach. Let's say there is a shallow spawning at with males and some females up shallow. Yet there could be several more females lying in deeper water over the closest drop-off whereas others are hiding or holding in a nearby dense grassbed until they are ready to come up on the nests. So it isn't any one approach in particular, but all used in concert. The Rock N Vibe works great on uorocarbon, braid or mono, and it really just depends on the situation where you want to sh it. It is a smaller pro le but still heavy bait. You can sh it so many different ways. It is one bait that can do everything depending what line you use with it. BWU

• Pulsating vibration – Even on long casts, the vibration is felt through the rod all the way to the hands. • ComPaCt but HEfty – 2.5” Long & ½ oz. • PErfECt for aLL 3 SPEEd rEtriEvES – Slow, medium, fast aLL produce steady balanced vibration • SLidE away faLL – Shivers away from angler with body roll on the fall

“ the rock n’ vibe can even be worked so subtly that its perfect for the days you wouldn’t expect a vibration bait to work” BASS Elite Angler, Fred Roumbanis

LEngtH: wEigHt: tyPE: HookS:

65mm, 2.5 in 14g, ½ oz. Lipless Crank owner St-36 #6


Ghost Ayu

Power Blue

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ChArtreuse shAd

Ghost Minnow


hot CrAw

ChArt. Blue BACk

MAtte Blue Gill

ChroMe Blue BACk

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