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20 Pounds in 72 Minutes!

did a “UV” bait do for Brent Chapman at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic? Imagine yourself shing in the biggest tournament of your life, the grand daddy of them all, the Bassmaster Classic. You’re in the hunt for the title. You’ve got 72 minutes to put a 5 sh limit in the livewell after making a 120 mile run to Venice, Louisiana to get to your honey hole and then back in time to make weigh-in. That is exactly what Brent Chapman of Team Tightlines UV was facing due to a 3 hour fog delay on Day Two of the Classic. Brent faced an extraordinary challenge due to time limitations and the long run that he was making to get to the location he predicted could win the tournament. With it all on the line and no time for any mistakes, he went to his next generation soft plastic baits that produced well in practice. This secret weapon had been producing 4-5 lb bass all week. Brent had isolated the UV Blue color pattern ipping a UV-Beaver into shallow grass. “During practice I threw traditional plastics against the UV baits along the same weed line. I saw comparatively little results from the traditional plastics but the UV colors produced the sh that I knew could win the tourna- ment! It was hard to keep a lid on it, but once they put the TV cameras in my boat, I gured the whole world is going to know what I was using.” In talking with Brent, it was “UV” that made the difference. With 80% of the light in the water being UV sunlight, throwing the UV baits in shallow water was a no- brainer. The bass were seeing these baits so much better and hitting them like they were live prey. Chapman knew that he couldn’t wait on a scent strike with the time limitation that he was faced with. He truly believed that it was sight over scent. Fish rarely bite what they don’t see and it was obvious that the bass were seeing the TIGHTLINES UV soft plastics so much bet- ter than traditional plastics.

The Bassmaster Classic was on the Line

UV light penetration in water


The lesson for all tournament shermen is …. BASS SEE UV! The majority of the light in the shallow water is UV and in deeper water it’s 100% UV. TIGHTLINES UV is the only company that produces baits that re ect UV colors. Traditional plastics absorb all the low frequency light. The new UV colors are nano- infused into the plastic so the UV colors never wear out. Shad, shiners, worms, craw sh all re ect UV light. TIGHTLINES UV is taking “match the hatch” to the next generation. Get some, get out there and catch some bass. You’re going to want to have them in your arsenal because you just might have to catch 20 pounds in 72 minutes! BWU

March/April 2011