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Think Post-Spawn


recent cover story for the venerable outdoor publication, Field & Stream showcased the Cavitron buzzbait as one of “The New Classics: 30 Great Lures” that every angler ought to have. The Cavitron de nes buzzbaits just as the Gitzit, the Senko, the Rat-L-Trap, the Heddon Zara Spook, Rebel Pop-R and other legendary lures have de ned their respective lure categories. Cavitrons are second to none in sh-catching potential and they’re things of beauty with the anodized (not painted) colored blades, and everything else about them, the design, the compo- nents are as good as it gets. It's not any one feature that makes the Cavitron great. It's the “total Cavitron package” and attention to every last detail that makes the Cavitron so deserving of its widely-acknowledged reputation as the best buzzbait on the mar- ket. Post-spawn is a season when the Cavitron can be at its very best. As spent spawners retire from the nesting ats and nursery grounds, they often seek solace in thick cover coinciding with the closest drop-off to deeper water, including rafts of rapidly-emerg- ing weed beds at this time of year. Many lures, such as those with treble hooks, are rendered inoperative in these snaggy sanctuaries where post-spawners nd respite. Other lure types, for whatever reasons, are just not effective or appealing to post-spawn bass. These sh are ckle, but not when it comes to a Cavitron buzzbait causing a bub- bling racket above. Post-spawners sim- ply don’t let a Cavi- tron come too close without lashing out at it in an explosive fury.

for the Cavitron Buzzbait

Anglers often have a wide variety of jig sizes, jig head shapes and weights. We have way too many different crank- baits as well as an assortment of topwaters and other lure types - but when it comes to the buzzbait, the mindset of many anglers is "one size ts all." Cavitrons come in 3 sizes: 1/8, ¼ and 3/8 oz. The angler who wishes to get the most from post- spawn buzzbaiting will use all three sizes and several colors in concert. A boater can have several different rods rigged with buzzbaits whereas a shore bound angler may only be able to wield one rod.



When shing from a boat, rig one spin- ning rod with the smaller 1/8 oz size. Rig a second spinning rod as well as a bait- casting rod with different colors of ¼ oz Cavitrons and rig a fourth baitcaster with the heavier 3/8 oz Cavitron. It’s not only the difference due to the lure weights, but just by the dif- ferent nature that you hold


March/April 2011