BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 35

and retrieve a baitcasting versus a spinning rod is going to result in different presentations. Not only can you show sh a variety of buzzbait presentations, but you may nd one particular presenta- tion they seem to want more than another. There are those days they seem to hit a lot of different buzzbaits equally swell. Then there are days when one presentation "seems" to be producing better than others - so you keep throwing that. And yes there are vexing days when they seem reluctant to hit any buzzbaits at all, but if you keep trying, you’ll often be able to nd a particular presentation which results in wild success with a particular Cavitron on any given day under any conditions during post-spawn. This may sound excessive to the ordinary angler to tie three different sizes and multiple colors of Cavitron buzzbaits onto four rods including spinning and baitcasting – yet this is one of the little-known secret tactics of many top pro anglers – to have mul- tiple rods rigged similarly whether all with buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits or any lure, in order to present sh with several variations of each. So instead of having all your success (or lack thereof) rid- ing on a single lure, you are diversifying and spreading your risk and resultant reward by showing sh several different versions on the same theme, one of which may trigger some sh, another of which may trigger others. Simply make several casts with one rod. Make the next sev- eral casts with another. Pick up the third rod next for several more casts and so on. You’ll be a better angler for it as opposed to using one rod with one buzzbait tied on for hours or all day. Making multiple buzzbait presentations is harder but not im- possible for the bank-bound angler. Don’t just stick with one buzz- bait. Cycle through several.

If you want to know which colors, the black skirt and the white skirt are both the most popular. All the blade colors are popular. The black blade (available only with the black skirt) and the red or gold blades are the most beautiful blades in the business, and the blade sizes are perfect (meaning of perfect = big), the multiple holes and even the unique degree of bendage of the cupped edges are special attributes found on Cavitron buzzbait blades. Again, it's not one speci c thing - it's everything about the Cavitron. The black and the white are staples, and if you only get two colors, those are the ones. The chartreuse white is of course, an- other favorite of many anglers. The translucent aspect of the ghost minnow color is good in clear water. The solid chartreuse is at its best in dark and dirty water, especially around thick shallow weeds or tightly-spaced reeds in dirty water where just a partial glimpse of the bold chartreuse Cavitron is all a bass needs to see to rush it like a raging bull. Post-spawn is a season when you can catch bass on buzzbaits any time of day from sun-up to sun-down. There doesn’t seem to be a particular part of the day or particular conditions that are bet- ter than others. It’s all good. There’s just something about Cavitrons and buzzbaits that triggers explosive strikes from post-spawn bass seeking solace in thick cover. No doubt that’s one of the reasons why Field & Stream dis- tinguished the Cavitron buzzbait as one of “The New Classics: 30 Great Lures” that every angler ought to have. BWU


March/April 2011