BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 48


Fish&Tank Tank TLC

Bass West USA readers! It’s been an interesting spring for Rebecca and me. We have literally been travelling all across America promoting shing atop our demonstra-



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tion tanks as well as promoting our soldier program Operation Outdoors USA. Living on the road reminds me of back when we used to travel on the Bassmaster Tour. Long days of driving the rig, always looking for a somewhat safe spot to park at the hotels (if there is such a thing) and jockeying for a decent spot at the fuel pumps. However with all the hassles that the road can offer it has been well worth it especially when displaying the Operation Outdoors rig. Today only three months into the program we have over 3,000 signatures on the boat. This has been a really special project for us as we are keeping memories alive from those who are still with us and those who have given all for our freedom. We will be clear-coating the vessel soon to engrave all the signatures into the boat permanently. We hope you will tune into Season Four of Jarrett Edwards Outdoors to see the boat being displayed across the country at some huge events! This spring has also been a crazy one for my parents as they have been traveling around the country with their sh tanks. In the year 2000 my father and I started a company called Blue Water Promotions which consists of ve traveling aquariums, two youth shing tanks, two bass demonstration tanks and a rst ever y shing tank which is really unique. It’s been a family venture or shall I say adventure as we have had some great family mo- ments while on the road. While many families visit over a nice dinner every week or two, Rebecca and I get to say hello to my parents every weekend for the rst 4 months of the year…did I mention that’s about 14 ma- jor cities, 14 major convention halls and sometimes we just sit together and re ect on what a crazy life we really have! It’s a sad truth that I can tell you which convention halls across America have the nicest rest- rooms, best cheese for nachos and pretzels and fair- priced food! While at the shows many folks always ask how we go about transferring the sh in and out of the tanks. Our small tank holds about 3500 gallons (7000 for our large tank) and is about 40000 pounds when full; so naturally the tank does not travel with water. Once the tank is in position at the show, we usually ll the tank with a re hose and then put the proper chemicals into the tank to take out the chlorine in the water. After the tank sits overnight we kick on all of the ltration from the sand lters to the UV sterilizers to purify the water and maybe kick on the chiller if it’s an outside promotion or if we will be having a coldwater display. Our sh are usually supplied from the Fish and Game depart- ments and we are proud to have the protocols of



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