BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 50


advances in sonar technology have brought a step change in imaging capa- bilities not seen since the introduction of the original “Fish Lo-K-Tor” some 40-plus years ago, which rst ashed red signals about the hidden underwater world below. Within the past ve years, sh nders have become capable of illuminating the depths in virtual picture-like quality with the use of side imaging sonar, and more recently,


down imaging sonar. Housed together with traditional color 2D sonar, GPS and map- ping software, these multi-function sonar/ chartplotters are able to deliver data with incredible detail and precision to bass boats across the country, typifying the cur- rent “Information Age” of the 21st century. For anglers growing up with cell phones, computers and video games, the learning curve may come quickly for uti- lizing a new sonar/chartplotter. Others,

less “technology inclined”, may feel well- equipped with these modern units, but in- adequate in putting them to good use, rais- ing valid questions such as: When should I use side imaging? Is there still a place for traditional 2D sonar? How do I use GPS and mapping data to formulate an ef - cient game plan? Perhaps the best way to learn is to simply observe those who em- ploy these technologies on a regular basis. These early adopters have become pro -

Humminbird pro-staffer Doug Vahrenberg of Missouri frequently offers assistance to anglers new to electronic technology via speaking engagements and on shing web site forums. Photo courtesy of Doug Vahrenberg



March/April 2011