BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 53


Flatt Shad Snagless Goes Where No Other Can

Flatt Shad Snagless is the successful realization of a long-time desire or dream that many people have had for a lipless crank that truly can go through the brush, the rocks and the tough grass without snagging but still hooks sh well. There has never been a lure that quite met this need until now. Many people when they rst look at the Flatt Shad Snagless, they feel unsure that it will work, and especially that it may not hook sh well. After all, a lipless lure is supposed to have two treble hooks, right? Please believe me, there is no exaggerated claim or disappoint- ment in how this product works. It will satisfy the angler who shes heavy cover because it is truly a snagless kind of lure and it has a high strike-to-landing ratio. Available in ½ oz Sinking and ¾ oz Extra Heavy versions, the angler is truly able to cast into the middle of any kind of brush, rocks or snags, whether shallow or deep. The very ossy kind of vegetation or soft, stringy grass, there's really no lure that won't get smothered in that stuff. Most lures will fail there, but the Flatt Shad Snagless is the only hard bait I know that comes through every other kind of snaggy situation very well, including the tough-leaved, stalky types of weeds. If you have a need for casting through or vertical shing around all kinds of snaggy areas, for catching sh on the drop or bottom-bouncing on rugged bottoms, then try the Flatt Shad Snagless. It is better at getting into and out of thick cover compared to most any other hardbait. It's so incredible, that you may even use it as you would a ipping jig. The large, custom-designed double hook with its larger split ring can be used with heavy tackle to ip into the worst snags. It has a powerful vibration when reeled forward, but when the lure is ipped or pitched, it simply glides downward in a lifelike manner imitating a gliding crawdad or bottom-seeking bait sh, and that's often the strike trigger - the falling action. As the Flatt Shad Snagless drops deeper into thick cover, sh feel compelled to strike it as it falls, before it can reach the relative safety of the bottom or other cover - the same way that bass often strike jigs on the fall. The way the double hook is con gured to catch sh, often both hook points are embedded in the roof or corner of the mouth. It hooks sh solidly and holds them securely like using a jig hook - except it is a lipless crankbait. Why the Flatt Shad Snagless works so well has to do with its side-to-side swimming action that causes its body to switch from right to left rapidly even on a slow retrieve. What happens is when the Flatt Shad body switches to the right, both upward-facing points of the double hook will be lagging behind (to the left) because the hook just follows the body, always one beat behind it. On the next beat, when the body switches to the left, the double hook will swing to the right. So the hook will always lag one beat behind, thereby always protected from snags by the body. The side-switching body is constantly in a position where it can de ect something like a branch, a stalk of grass or even a rock. So that rapid series of de ective movements shields the whole bait and especially the custom-designed hook from snagging against any obstacles that the lure may hit or encounter. The body de ects away before the hook swings to that side. That's what makes the big difference for snagless shing. It is also very important to be very snagless that I only use a feather on the tail. Having any hook on the tail really increases the number of snags without really increasing the number of sh hooked, plus that ickering feath- er really adds to the allure. Even to me, the Flatt Shad Snagless is a kind of revo- lutionary hard bait. Do you agree? BWU



When choosing a rod for a specific job, length is easy to determine. We’ve made identifying a rod’s power just as easy with our Color ID System. A quick glance at the butt section will ensure you pick up the right rod when you need it. Actions can be a bit more of a task driven decision; these are FAST ACTION rods as this action covers the greatest range of applications. With a combination of Gary’s designs and cutting edge materials, we have built a series of lightweight rods with crisp, responsive, and ultra sensitive tips backed up by powerful butts. Does this make them better? We think so.

Photo courtesy of Mike Pehanich

“Good rods can be made out of anything from bamboo to modern carbon fiber. But, a good rod must have the right length , power and action to do a specific job. To make a good rod better is to make it lighter and more sensitive without sacrificing durability.

Unparalleled performance at an Unparalleled price.

March/April 2011