BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 60

“Yeah, baby!” Arkansas pro Kevin Short is ecstatic after landing this bull largemouth that ate his modi ed jerkbait on a main lake point.

this: I once watched in awe as Kevin pulled up on a reservoir point and caught ve bass weighing 28 1/2 pounds in short order on his modi ed minnow. So you might want to start drilling and lling after all, but don’t come crying to me if you mess up your expensive lures! Jerkbaiting demands a forgiving rod. Pros overwhelm- ingly prefer baitcasting gear for this tactic, but spinning tackle works ne, too. “Bass are more likely to be lightly- hooked or foul-hooked on a jerkbait than any other lure,” says Mississippi pro Pete Ponds “Ideally the bass will take the lure in its mouth, but because the water is cold and the sh sluggish, they may roll on it, head-butt it, swipe at it or slap it with their tails, all of which can end up sticking a hook in some body part other than their

“Son!! Now that’s a jerkbait bass!” Arkansas pro Kevin Short displays a pig that ate his modi ed Norman Razor Minnow.

Steep channel banks are likely places for bass to suspend in early spring, as Arkansas pro Kevin Short can attest. This lunker latched onto his jerkbait while he was retrieving it parallel to the structure.



March/April 2011