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and or- ganizing tackle are similar but not the same. Pre- paring to go shing, you have to make sure your bags are packed, rods and reels are chosen and your tackle is with you. But when you are talking organizing you have to make sure the right reel is on the correct rod with the right line, and you need to take stock of your tackle for the current season. I can remember countless times when I went down to the store and bought something that I already had. It makes you feel like a dummy when you get home. All this stuff adds up, I mean honestly who needs three pair of split ring pliers or seven pair of scissors in differ- ent sizes. I must have four pair of pliers in my boat! It comes down to screw drivers, you know what I mean! We all have ten to twenty of them and most of the time, not the one you need. If you were more organized, you would know what you need and where it is at. Let’s start off by organizing all the extra overstock of stuff; I call it stuff be- cause my wife calls it stuff as it is all over the house! One of my favorite organization techniques is to use peg boards. I cannot get enough of it. Another is an old ling cabinet, the drawers are strong and it stores a lot. You can label the outside of each drawer so you know what is in each one. There is nothing worse than digging through drawer after drawer trying to nd something. I personally have a problem of putting things away when the UPS pack- ages arrive. Before you know it boxes are stacked up in the garage. But if you

Bass Fishing

By Randy Pringle The Fishing Instructor

take the time put them away when they arrive, they are easily found. If you don’t, and then you start rummaging around in that garage, you will be amazed at what you nd. The words that come out of my mouth, “Wow, I forgot I had those!” Then I think “Dummy!” Organizing is for both bank anglers and boaters. Bank anglers, when carry- ing your bags and your rods, it is all about room organization. You don’t have as much room as a boater so you

have to minimize each item that you take with you. I know you want three of these, ve of those, but you are going to need to down size your quantities. Boaters, from experience I have too much stuff. My 21 foot boat is a oating tackle store. It is or- ganized, but still has too much stuff in all the compartments. I go through a lot but

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