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Shots taken before and after organizing his stuff. Pringle’s a fan of peg board.

the regular angler does not need ve of each color in their boat. It looks cool but you just don’t need it. A couple of things I like to do is label all my boxes so I can grab and go depending on the season, separating topwater, crank- baits, spinnerbaits, hooks and weights, you get the picture. This stops you from having the wrong hard baits taking up too much room. When it comes to your plastic worms and other soft baits, anglers have tried many different ways to be organized better. Worm pouches, you remove from the original bag to put them into another bag! I don’t know about you, that just sounds wrong! If you have tried this system, it was more of a pain as most of the worms came out bent. Putting worms in boxes is a good idea however there are some downsides to this idea. Some worms eat right through the plastic. If you have been shing as many years as I have, this has happened countless times. With worms, the heat they give off in an enclosed environment will warp the lids of some of these boxes. What a pain, opening a box and they all fall out on the boat or on the rip-rap. Been there, done that! Worms like Berkley’s which have a scent, as they sit out, they lose the smell. Or Gulp, you cannot remove them. They need to stay in their liquid pouch. Sometimes it is the easiest ideas that solve the hardest problem. If the manufacturers put their worms in bags, nice and neat, why do we take them out to reorganize them? I came up with an idea a long time ago and it has worked well for me. I take metal shower curtain rings and put my worms in their original bags on the shower rings so I can scroll through them like a Roll-a- Dex. When I use all the worms in the bag, I pull the empty bag off the ring and when I get home, I replace it. Simple! It is important to take notes. I keep a dry erase board in my garage and if I need something or remember I am low on some- thing, I write it down. This is all about making your next trip a suc- cess. Organizing is all about the individual angler, what is good for me may not work as well for you, it’s all about preference. This is Randy Pringle – The Fishing Instructor and “Let’s get on those sh.” BWU

March/April 2011