BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 67

should be placed in this group right off the bat and after using them, be ranked right after the big motor. Why? Think about it. You are shing a tournament and your trolling motor cable snaps. That’s just one. You see, back in the land of shallow water there are already proven uses for the Power-Poles. To hit just a few are: • Shallow water sight shing • Staging your boat before tournament blast-off or at launch docks • Controlling back end boat sway during loading and unloading your vessel • Wind drift picks in matted grass You can go on and on with all kinds of shallow water applications, but you put a pair of Power-Poles on the back of your boat in Southern California or anywhere out West, and 99% of the bass boat guys will look at you funny. I really like it when they come up to me and say “Did you get those to go sh the Delta?” “Nope, I got them for Lake Mead, I mean Lake Castaic. Really they are for Lake Shasta, Havasu, Don Pedro, Cachu- ma, Piru, and de nitely for Diamond Valley Lake.” Then I grin and say in a redneck way, “Here’s your sign.”

It is truly sad that so many shermen out there are always looking for the next big thing, that magic spot to catch that monster bass, or that honey hole that will put them at the top of the leaderboard. Just maybe they had found those spots and were never able to see their true potential because they drifted right on by. Are Power-Poles the answer ev- ery time? No, nothing is. Everything has its moment when it excels and understanding this new tool’s capa- bility is the true key. Pigeonholing Power-Poles to only shallow water lakes and for only sight shing will keep you out of the game in all aspects. Find that place to drop your Power-Poles and make your stand, no matter if you sh Lake Amistad or Lake Perris. You will position yourself to work uphill, to create a funnel, and to quit mul- titasking. From bluff walls to main lake points you to can nally take charge and become a leader, not a follower (I should say oater).

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March/April 2011