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The Rebirth of

has always had a tradition of designing innovative, high quality products with the needs of the tournament angler in mind. That tradition continues and I’m very excited to take Picasso to the next level with a new generation of innovative products” says founder Terry Montele- one. “Picasso was instrumental in the research and development of the “insert free/fray free technology” that went into the Tru- Tungsten weights including its proprietary Duraseal chip resistant painting process. Now all that expertise and knowledge of produc- ing the highest quality tungsten products is available in the Picas- so brand.” says Monteleone. “Not only are the anglers getting that same superior quality of insert–free and chip resistant weights but we also have implemented an improved QC process.” Since 2004, Picasso has been involved in developing the highly specialized manufacturing processes in order to produce what many would consider the top quality tungsten products on the market today.

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[ree-burth, ree-burth] re·birth –noun 1. a renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance or revival:

Terry’s vision for the future in- cludes introducing additional tung- sten products to the Picasso line later this year. “Our very popular line of Shake- downs, Shake- E-Footballs and Fantasy Foot- balls will now be available in a 97% tungsten version. The same smaller pro le and increased s e n s i t i v i t y, which attract- ed anglers to use tung- sten weights, will now be available to them in a shakey style jig. This will enable them to be shed through bottom struc- ture with fewer hang-ups. Also, the increased sensitivity helps the angler detect more subtle bites that would have otherwise been missed,’ says an excited Monteleone. Picasso has not forgotten that their success was based on the lead products in the line. He feels that there is a bene t of offering both lead alloy and tungsten versions of a product. “This will give the angler a choice based on their individual needs on which product suits them best,” says Monteleone. “Because of the superior qualities tungsten offers over lead it is most desired by the tournament or serious angler. Whereas your recreational angler may not want to spend the extra money for tungsten but still demands a high-quality product. Pro Metal worm weights are designed utilizing a much harder lead alloy than the softer lead that is typically used in most other weights on the market. This design coupled with the Duraseal coating provides greater sensitivity without the jump in price. That same hard lead alloy is found in all Picasso lead products. Long time Picasso pro-staffer Matt Newman thinks this is great for shing, “Terry is a mad scientist, he’s able to take small problems or inadequacies we encounter with baits and nd ways to x them or enhance them with technology. With the re-birth of Picasso, Terry is back doing what he loves to do, creating innova- tive more effective tools for anglers.” Whether you are new to Picasso products or have been us- ing them for years, you’ll be happy to know Picasso is back. Not only are they back they are better than ever and already in the design room with Elite and FLW pro-staffers creating tomorrow's baits. BWU



March/April 2011