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Gain the BioEdge


than ever, it seems like shermen today are bene ting from a more re ned era where technology and engineering have advanced to where we are just building everything better today. Not only better outboard motors like the Yamaha FHO, but abso- lutely everything to do with shing is just getting better and being re ned says BioEdge pro-staffer and Bassmaster Elite pro James Niggemeyer of Van, Texas. The baits today are so realistic in their actions and the way they perform in the water. Everything’s getting turned up a notch, yet one area that has kind of been left out of the re nement or hasn’t advanced as much is the area of sh scent attractant. What sh actually smell and taste through lures in regard to the different prey items that you are trying to replicate or imitate has not really made any advancement in recent years – until now. BioEdge has taken a whole new direction by offering bass an entire product line of prey scents that we believe smell and taste like natural prey to a bass and are attractive to them. What BioEdge has done is actually give the sh the taste and the smell of a real crawdad to go on that jig that you are shing or a craw- dad colored crankbait. As an Elite pro, I travel around and sh tournaments all over the country. It is true that a bass is a bass no matter where I go. Yet I do come across different prey items that are more ap- pealing to bass in different areas or regions. When on the West coast, a lot of waters there have trout in them. Up north in the Great Lakes they’ve got gobies and in parts of the South you have blueback herring. BioEdge has unique products made with the speci c natural scents of rainbow trout, gobies or herring. Then you have tilapia down in parts of South Texas and even in Florida, plus a lot of guys who are throwing frog type lures in thick grass where frogs abound. BioEdge has got a scent for that as well. So you can “match the hatch” so to speak, and really you can dial in and ne-tune your presentation to the point where not only does it look like it, not only does it act like it but it smells like it, tastes like it. BioEdge makes a completely natural product and actually uses the creatures to process and make the scent from whatever it actually is whether a rainbow trout, goby, crawdad, shiner, a frog or what have you. So you’re able to take your presentation to the next level of realism and give the sh exactly what they are feeding on wheth- er it is shad, sun sh or whatever. It really is a unique approach that I feel a lot of people are going to catch on to soon, and it can really make a difference in your daily catch. Everybody’s time on the water is valuable whether you are shing a tourna- ment or just out on the weekend having fun, everybody wants to have the most success that they can on a given outing. It makes

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no difference where you are or what you are doing, you want to get bites, and by using BioEdge natural scent to match the hatch, I really think that puts the odds in your favor. Today’s anglers are more educated than ever before. When it comes to shing, there are so many avenues to learn about how to catch sh, the techniques and the lines, the rods, the reels are far better today than even just a few years ago. There are so many cutting edge places to easily nd out about what is new, what’s hot and how to actually sh the latest tactics in-depth, without actually having much experience with certain techniques. On the Internet, in magazines, and even on YouTube, you can get instant information as soon as pros weigh-in after a major tour- nament, making today’s average angler more knowledgeable and better equipped to go out on the water and catch sh. Stay one step ahead. Gain the natural BioEdge on bass. BWU

March/April 2011