BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 76


nail weight rig is a tech- nique that has taken on many names and uses over the years. The main concept involves placing a nail weight inside a soft plastic bait which allows the lure to be presented with a more natural appearance since the weight is not really visible. Most often the rig consists of inserting a lead or tungsten nail weight into the head or the egg sack of your favorite soft plastic worm. The idea behind the nail weight rig is to allow a bait




to have an unrestricted natural fall. The modern day nail weight rig rst appeared on the Western tournament scene nearly seven plus years ago when co-anglers Izzy Byrd and Hideki Maeda brought the tech- nique over from Japan. It did not take long for other Western pros and co-anglers to take notice that rigging their favorite soft plastic baits with a nail weight would prove to be a deadly nesse tactic for catching highly pressured bass. The end result has been a host of names to describe this tech-

nique, which range from the Hideki rig, the Izzy rig, but others have come to com- monly refer to using a nail weight inside of a soft plastic worm as simply, “the rig.” Anglers will notice that the nail rig is a perfect alternative to drop shotting or split shotting. The rig lures unsuspecting bass looking for an easy meal because the nail weight allows a bait to drift natu- rally through the water column. Experts with the rig, such as Angler’s Marine pro Joe Uribe Jr. uses a range of nesse

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