BassWestUSA - March/April, 2011, Page 77

worms and Senko type baits to trigger hits from suspended or inactive sh. “The most common baits that I use are a Zoom Trick Worm, the Flirt worm by Reaction Innova- tion, and of course a Senko,” says Uribe Jr. “I like the Zoom Trick Worm and the Flirt worm because of their diameter compared to hand-poured worms.” Many anglers pre- fer injection-molded worms over hand- poured because the injected baits are thicker and the nails stay in a lot easier. “Those worms hold the weights a lot bet- ter,” says Uribe Jr. “The same goes for the Senko.” In most cases the rig is deployed with a do-nothing technique that allows anglers to get a lot of simple yet seductive wavering action out of their worms. When selecting colors, Uribe Jr. elects to use natural colors for clear water and darker colors for stained water. “I keep it pretty simple,” Uribe Jr. says. “I use watermelon, watermelon copper on the Trick Worm; the Flirt worms come in additional color selections like Oxblood and Spring Break.” The one thing that Uribe Jr. stresses is that the Rig is not about the color. Rather, the magic of the rig is about the action of the lure and fall. Uribe Jr. describes the rig as a real basic technique that is all about the way that you present the bait. The rig entails placing a nail weight inside of a worm or other plastic bait. This

allows an angler to balance the lure to achieve a speci c erratic fall. It also af- fects the action of the worm once it hits the bottom. The most common way to sh the rig is to use light line and employ a slight shake-pause action when retrieving a bait back in dur- ing a cast. “I like to make a long cast and dead- stick the bait before I start my retrieve,” says Mercury Pro Team angler Tony Lain. “Many of the strikes occur on the fall, so I like to let the bait sit before I start my retrieve.” While many anglers like to use a Senko rig, Lain opts to use a Jackall Flick Shake worm rigged with a nail weight in the egg sack. The nail weight rig has many uses. One of the most effective ways to sh the rig is to use some type of wacky style nesse worm or

Joe Uribe Jr.

March/April 2011