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Shrink tubing and twist weights take the rig to the next level.

be a better option than o-rings because the shrink tube reduces the chances of having the hook rotate back into the plastic during hooksets. Try it and you’ll see the difference. “Most of time I am on a point or on a hump and I make a cast to where I mark sh on my electronics,” says Uribe Jr. “I let my bait fall on slack line because a lot of the bites occur on the fall.” Many anglers today are electing to use a braid- uoro combo where 20 pound braid is connected to 6 pound test via a uni-knot or a slim beauty knot. It is important to use at least a 10 foot leader of uorocarbon to al- low the bait to fall naturally. With a shorter leader than that, some lure action is lost. Most anglers sh the rig on medium action rods. Uribe Jr. opts for a custom dropshot rod. “I like the DSR70, which is a seven foot spinning rod made by Performance Tackle,” says Uribe Jr. “The guides are titanium and very high end.” Using a high end rod is important because you do not have a lot of weight in the rig and sh usually strike the bait on the fall. A highly sensi- tive medium action rod is a must because you have to be able to feel a sh strike while the bait is falling. There is no doubt that the nail rig has become a standard part of many anglers’ arsenals as it has spread from Japan to the West and across the USA. The rig is a technique that savvy an- glers have on their decks when money is on the line and sh are not responding to other presentations. The rig can be a deadly technique for catching highly pressured bass that are suspended and ignoring a dropshot or split-shot. The next time you are hav- ing a hard time catching suspended bass, stuff a nail weight into your favorite drop shot bait and give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by what the nail rig produces when all else fails. BWU

I hook with a 1/0 Gamakatsu Dropshot hook in the tapered egg sack of the worm,” says Uribe Jr. “I cut about 1/8 off of the head of the worm so that I have a at surface to hold a 1/8 ounce to 1/16 ounce Voss Twist Weight. Uribe Jr. likes the rig to fall like a pencil to suspended sh. He tends to use as light of weight that will allow him the best rate of fall as well as the best bottom contact. He will necessarily go heavier for shing deeper water so the bait will reach bottom quicker on 6 pound uorocarbon. Uribe Jr. says, “The lead head transitioning to the bait gives you more sensitivity. The goal is to have better feel and contact with the bottom.” Uribe Jr. takes things to the next level by using shrink tubing to wacky rig his baits. The shrink tubing is a at surface that seems to


P .T. Wobbler

This 5” super soft, yet durable bait, has incredible action. Fish it deep or shallow and hold on tight!

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Shaky Fins Shad

A perfect weedless springtime bait. Fish it shallow. Bump all structure. Get ready for jarring strikes!

Look closely at shrink tubing on rst and fourth worm versusan o-ring on third worm.


March/April 2011