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EGO S2 SLIDER NET is oating, extendible, stylish, dependable This rugged, good-looking, ICAST award winning net is designed to oat and with a simple pull or push on the handle, the S2 Slider can be easily extend- ed to net a sh or quickly retracted for compact stowage. The net hoop is also detachable for convenient storage of the handle and hoop separately. Handle Lengths: 48” Slider handle extends to 108” 29” Slider handle extends to 60” 18” Slider handle extends to 36” The EVA foam-covered grip isn’t slippery, even when wet and there are no sharp edges anywhere for your shing line to get caught, chafed or cut on the net. Mesh options include a clear rubber mesh that is harder for sh to see in the water. Adventure Products, Inc -

HydroWave is a new sh- ing electronics company, with pro anglers Jeff Kriet, who has a lot of electron- ics savvy, and Kevin VanDam among the company’s busi- ness partners. Both pros used a HydroWave on their boats in the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. “I’ve always paid attention as to how sh seem to feed and respond to each other while in competition for food,” VanDam said. “Like most bass shermen who spend a lot of time on the water, I’ve witnessed situations where a school could be red up by getting just one sh to bite. Igniting those kinds of urries during a tournament day can be a huge advantage. HydroWave is about providing that stimulus for that rst response to get things going.” “Most electronics have way more choices than what a sherman would ever need, much less remember how to use,” said Jeff Kriet. “When shing, I want to be able to push a button or two and get right back to casting. Trust me, HydroWave is built for simple operation.” The HydroWave’s speaker mounts on the underside of a trolling motor’s lower unit, tting all models of trolling motors.



YoDaddy is the rst signature bait from Bassmaster Elite pro Russ Lane. Ideal to ip in heavy cover, Russ took into consideration how the bait had to sit on the hook and how the hook point had to come out of the bait to get the best hook penetration to up your odd in getting more bass out of heavy cover. Russ built YoDaddy around a 5/0 straight shank Gamakatsu heavy ipping hook. He designed a at spot where the hook exits the body. This was instrumental in getting the hook percentage to rise during the testing of this bait. Russ says, “The key to win- ning tournaments is hooking percentage, the sherman who can land more sh from heavy cover will cash more checks than a sherman who has bass get off because the bait got in the way of the hook.” And he designed YoDaddy to have a lot of action with minimal movement. Flipping dense cover, you don’t have much depth or room to activate a lure. Lane says, “Most craw baits on the market now take a lot of movement to get any action out of the craws or legs.” YoDaddy’s legs have movement no matter what weight is used, and the appers squared-off design contributes greatly to the easy moving action. Also makes a great jig trailer.


Compact yet bulky and active ip baits are the hottest product sector in the soft bait market now. Jacob Powroznik, a top FLW pro from Prince George, VA used his new, namesake Jacobug for the rst time in the FLW Tour Open on Lake Okeechobee, FL in February 2011. Powroznik caught four consecutive ve-bass limits for a total of 20 bass weighing 95 pounds – a 4.75-pound average, nishing sixth. Pretty impressive for the Jacobug’s tourna- ment debut. Infused with SCI-X feeding stimulants so when a sh bites, it holds onto the bait longer. Anglers can also use it on a Carolina rig or as a jig trailer.



The noisy, new Rapala Clackin’ Crank features an angled fat lip and rounded body style that produces a wide rolling action, meanwhile portray- ing a large pro le as it clacks its way through the water. On the pause, the Clackin’ Crank slowly rises, triggering strikes. It comes in two sizes: 53, which is 2 inches long, weighs 5/16 oz and has a running depth of 3 feet; and size 74, which is 2-3/4 inches long, weighs 5/8 oz and has a running depth of 4 feet. Built for long casting, the Clackin’ Crank sports a translucent textured body with internal holographic foil and is available in 16 color patterns.


March/April 2011