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TATSU (Japanese for dragon) represents an amazingly strong, yet supple, uorocarbon line with exceptional castability and therefore, application exibility. It can be spooled on spin- ning and baitcasting reels as a mainline, tied to braid in order to top shot, or used as a leader with braid. Known as R-18 in Japan, TATSU provides anglers with remarkable ten- sile, knot and impact strength through Seaguar’s state-of-the-art double-structure process. It fuses two custom, 100% uorocarbon resins, creating the world’s only double-structure mainline. “I need a line that does three things on the water for me,” says Chad Brauer, co- host of Brauer Bass Battles. “It has to be sensitive so I can feel my bait and bites, castable with little memory, and strong to get bass out of cover. TATSU does all three better than any line I have ever used.” Available in 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 lb test


A topwater as legendary as its designer, Rick Clunn. The new Rico Clear Series continues with their latest color, #570 Manahl’s Rx, designed by pro angler Andy Manahl. The Clear Series theme is creating colors that blend into the surface and surroundings; the sky, the habitat, the bait sh. Manahl’s Rx is the bleeding shad of the Clear Series. Unique features include a clear body center, clear orange mouth and purple weights, resembling the guts of the bait sh. It’s like looking at the lure from the inside out. #567 Ricci’s Recipe was the rst color of the Clear Series. Seven Clear Series colors will be released in all, completing the series by July 2011. Lobina Lures -


Features an integrated welded pin which securely anchors the bait. “This solves a big problem we’ve all had with traditional soft plastic hook designs. It’s easy to rig and the baits don’t slide down the shank, plus it even keeps baits from tearing, helping to extend the use of soft plastics and saving money, ” says Kevin VanDam. This versatile “no slip/ no slide” design rigs easily and comes in 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 6/0 sizes to suit a full range of soft plastics from ippin’ tubes to soft jerkbaits. The extra-wide gap is perfect for Tex-exposed presentations. A precise point-to-eye angle for more hook-ups, plus a smooth black nickel nish to enhance penetration.


Anglers have come to believe in SEBILE’s innovation, now available in their spin- nerbaits. Especially for clear water, the incredible nishes make these the right choice. But you’ll see that sh may be caught under many different conditions, thanks to the hinged blade arm, innovative wide gap hook, blades that spin at all speeds and incredible stability on the retrieve and fall. Cast far and tangle-free, even into strong winds. Once you experience the newness, beauty and brilliance of SEBILE’s spinnerbait creations, you will marvel at them! Available in 1/2 and 3/4 oz and 10 astonishing nishes. SEBILE Innovative Fishing -

March/April 2011

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