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2nd Place Jack Belt and J.D. Kyle

36 degrees but the overcast day would eventually warm up into the mid forties. The weigh-in started at 3pm and it wouldn't take long to realize why AC Teams have the reputation of being the best local level anglers in the region. With the high muddy water and heavy current (200,000 cfps) and overall tough conditions, these teams would weigh-in bags equivalent to those weighed in during ideal shing days. What a testament to the caliber of our anglers. When the scales closed after day one the Wisconsin team of Corey Bump Sr. and Todd Holtman found themselves on top the leader board with a ve sh limit that saw the scales reach 28.11lbs but there were four teams just behind with 24lbs or more. Four pounds is no cushion on lake Guntersville. Day two saw slightly cooler morning conditions with one ma- jor change the sun was out and temps would climb up into the mid 50s on this day. That being said the high bluebird skies and now fast falling water gave teams something they hadn't seen in practice and many would have to make adjustments on this day to stay on top, or make a move up the leader board. Everyone knew there would be plenty of changes in the standings on day two. Minutes after the last bag was weighed the results were in. The Kinkaid division team of Lar- ry Hastings Jr. and Josh Coppedge would be one of the only top ve teams from day one to remain consistent. That consistency earned them the title of Region 3 Champions. The team fought through the tough conditions and brought heavy bags to the scales. On day one they weighed in 26.35lbs and fol- lowed it up on day two with 24lbs even giving them a two day total of 50.35lbs and the win. The team reported shing deep on day one in water depths of six to fteen feet and utilized jigs and crankbaits to catch their sh. Day two had the team scrambling a bit as their deep bite seemed to die. The team moved shallow and found them, even with the falling water the sun had heated the shallows and the bass where there. They used jigs and traps to catch them. For the win the team takes home a certi cate for a new Legend Alpha 191 with a Mercury 200 Pro XS. The team is sponsored by: Lews Reels and hopes to

acquire more companies to endorse. Coming in second place and missing the win by just over a pound was the Choice Division Team of J.D. Kyle and Jack Belt. On day one the team weighed a ve sh limit of 21.65 lbs. and fol- lowed it up on day two with 27.49lbs giving them a two day total of 49.14lbs The team re- ported catching their sh on a Jigs and Traps on main lake areas shing both rocks and grass. The depth the team was shing was approximately 2 to 8 feet of water. The team is sponsored by Pure Fishing. For the second place position the team wins a certi cate for a new Legend LE 186 with a Mercury 200 Pro XS. Taking the third place position was the Kinkaid Division team of Charlie Glidewell and Gordon Smith. They brought 5 sh to the scales on day one weighing 22.92 lbs and followed it up on day two with a limit weigh- ing 24.07 lbs. giving them a two day total of 46.99 lbs. The team shed a quarter mile stretch of bank the entire event throwing Xcali- bur XR 75 One Knockers. Their sh were positioned in three to four feet of water. The team wins a certi cate for a new Legend LE 186 with a Mercury 150 Opti Max

TOURNAMENT NOTABLES: • An amazing 1,245 sh were brought to the scales with a 100% live release. No lost sh! • Total weight of all sh 4,278 lbs • Avg. size bass= 3.43 lbs • Day 1 big bag: Corey Bump Sr. and Todd Holtman 28.11 lbs. • Day 2 big bag: Jeff Toomer and Jon Toomer 28.40 lbs. • Day 1 big bass: Mike Hardy and Randy Lachance 8.78 lbs. • Day 2 big bass: Brad Barto and Jack Hoeldt 9.30 lbs. This was an awesome event for all who attended! If you were unable to sh this season or make it to the championship come join us in 2011! Call 618-496-3610 for a trail near you.

3rd Place Charlie Glidewell and Gordon Smith

March/April 2011