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- Breaking Records In All Regions!

The Berkley-AC/ Western Rookie League is a “grass roots” amateur tournament circuit and as such the quali cation criteria of these anglers is constantly under review. All pro-anglers and anglers with higher shing skill levels are discouraged from sh- ing these events as they are speci cally geared toward entry level anglers who wish to sh amongst their peers at the same level. The 2011 Berkley-AC/WRL season started out in the Mother Lode Region on Lake Mc Clure. The Mother Lode Region directed by Danny Peluso drew 95 boats at this rst event! Lake Mc Clure is well known for its great spotted bass shing and during this time of the year, catching a large mouth is a bonus. Most anglers shing the Berkley-AC/WRL circuit just want to catch sh. Within the eld drop shot, split shotting, jigs, and spoons are a few of the techniques that are most commonly used.

Mouth. But on this day, the big mama bass just didn’t show up . The team of Angel Perez and Gary Lumas took home Big Fish honors and First Place with a weight of 13.88 pounds. Welcome aboard! The Northern Region,directed by Randy Pringle had a strong num- ber of anglers supporting the opening event at Lake Oroville. Last years opening event at Oroville had to be cancelled due to hazardous low water conditions. Not so this season however as plentiful winter storms have the lake well above last year. With 77 boats and a beau- tiful day for shing, it looked to be a lot of work for the weight master. Lake Oroville is a predominately spotted bass lake, but does have a good population of small mouth and largemouth bass. If you happen to get one of those large mouths, like the team of Ryan Friend and Clint Isbell did, you are usually sitting pretty! With the Big Fish of the event - a 4.31 pound largemouth to anchor their 12.58 pound limit, Ryan and Clint were more than happy to take home the rst place hardware. In the Small Boat Division, the team of Chriss Cabodi and Russ Olson came to the scale with 9.70 pounds to take the win. The Delta/ Wine Region was the last of the openers of the Berkley AC/Western Rookie League. Under the direction of Randy Pringle, this event took place at Lake Berryessa launching out of Pleasure Cove. It looked to be a great event prior to a cold snap and rain moving into the area. When you add very cold tempera- tures and rain, what do you get? SNOW! Yes, snow. The region was gorgeous for sight seers but for the anglers, the sight of small sh in the livewells was something they did not want to see. Coming to the scales with the Big Fish of the event was the team of Travis Tate and Matt Leverich with a 7.33 pound sh to anchor their winning weight of 17.01 pounds. The duo reported throwing swim baits to take the win. In the Small Boat Division was the team of Chriss Cabodi and Russ Olson weighing 8.63 pounds. These guys took back to back wins in two different regions! Great start Chriss and Russ! Full results for all of the Berkley-AC/WRL regions can be found on line at the of cial U.S. Anglers Choice website at Click the WRL link and you can link into each division for individual results. The Berkley AC/ Western Rookie League is all about FUN and competi- tion. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many event this year.

Berkley AC/Western Rookie League Starts Out With A Bang


Travis Tate and Matt Leverich battled the cold to weigh in a 17.01 pound Berryessa limit and take the rst place wood.

For the McClure event, there were 71 limits taken. The team of Albert Oliver of Turlock and his partner Russel Herring of Modesto took First Place honors with a weight of 13.10 pounds. In the Berkley- AC/ Western Rookie League we have a separation in boat motor size, from 115 or smaller, these anglers are considered to be in the Small Boat Division. In this division, it was the team of Steve Melander and Alex Maxwell who weighed in 9.96 pounds to take the win. The Berkley-AC/WRL circuit next moved into the Central Region di- rected by Kevin Cheek. This is Kevin Cheek’s second year with the Rook- ie Leagues and he has already doubled his eld from the year previous! This tournament took place on Lake Millerton, another renown spot- ted bass lake. Lake Millerton is one of those lakes that also has strip- ers - large stripers I might add! Unfortunately, in the Berkley-AC/WRL events, only large mouth, spotted and small mouth bass are allowed to be weighed in. Taking the win in the 2011 Central Region inaugural event was Shane and Michael Soriano with 9.94 pounds. This team is a big supporter of the Berkley-AC/ Western Rookie League - last year they roamed around and shed over ten events. Congratulations guys! In the Small Boat division, Taz Moua took home First Place honors and the Fourth Place overall with a weight of 8.59 pounds. Nice work Taz! Our newest region, the Southern California trail out of Los Ange- les, is directed by Jim Reyes. The So Cal trail started off with a small eld at Lake Castaic, which is known for its monster Florida Large

Albert Oliver and Russel Herring bested the Lake McClure eld and took rst place with a 13.10 pound limit

March/April 2011