BassWestUSA - May/June, 2011, Page 33

My second approach is to sh down the water col- umn to draw strikes from bass that just do not want to come up and this is where a little more patience comes into play. You really need to gure out the exact strike zone and depth of water the sh are in and only time on the water can deliver results. One new bait I really like for this is Yamamoto’s Hula Swimmer. It is comprised of a 4.5 inch Swim Senko and new 12-point Hula Skirt giving the bait a larger pro le and enhanced swimming action. Combine this with a 3/16 to 1/4oz head and you have a bass catching machine that can be shed through the water column and right through the bass.

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Sylacauga, AL 35150

PAA pro Mike DelVisco capitalizes on the grass edge bite.


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May/June 2011